Picture of How to make a headlight wiring relay kit
this is my first time to post a instructable...
i just want to share my work to everyone...
i hope you will like it....

Warning:::do it at your own risk

better remove your negative battery connection so there will be no damage if you short your connections...

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Step 1: Things and tools that you need:

Picture of things and tools that you need:
things and tools that you need::
30A bosch relay - 2pcs.
relay socket  - 2pcs. or spade terminals male(optional if your on budget)
spade terminals - 2 pairs
ring terminals - 2pcs.
auto wire - i use 22ft. of gauge 10 wire or you can use #12 (don't use #13 or #14)
fuse holder - 2pcs. ceramic or plastic and extra 1pc.(optional if you'lll add 2 more lights)
fuse - 10A ,15A or higher than tthese if you'll add more lights
Bulb -all weather or high wattage bulb 100/80w or higher(optional) if you really like much more light like a hid's
bulb ceramic socket(optional) if you have higher wattage bulb or plaining to upgrade.
electrical tape(E.tape)
shrink tube(optional) if you want that to look a pro. work
solder lead
soldering paste(optional use)
cutter or scissor
long nose or pliers
ballpen or pencil
clear tape
working area

toncezskim (author) 5 years ago
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It's not that clear what this is - it would help to show the headlights & the car / truck?

toncezskim (author)  lemonie5 years ago
this DIY will make your dimmed car headlights even more brighter.
it will help your car handle the heating of wires caused by a high-wattage bulb and an all-weather bulb..

you can apply this DIY to any car or truck..

And you can add some additional headlamp or fog lamps if you want, it's just that i forgot to add an on/off switch function on the diagram. it's up to you if you will make one for yourself.

you can ask me again if you have some question.

Can you point me in the right direction for adding a on/off switch?
toncezskim (author)  jtran91 year ago
about the switch..from your additional lights like fog light or led lights,LED DRL
connect the switch to the ground wire of your lights(not in the relays ground).
then the other end of the wire goes to body or chasis..if your asking why i use the ground not the positive(+) wire is for safety and fire preventive measure..and if your putting a relay be sure you put a fuse and closest to the battery and put a lower amp fuse never put a higher than 10amps
Yeah I see it better now (thanks to both of you and not being so tired today...) - can you show us your wheels?

toncezskim (author)  lemonie5 years ago
maybe later i will try to upload some pictures,  where the headlight wiring kit have been connected in my car, so you will know that i'm really using it and works.

toncezskim (author) 5 years ago
my apologies that i did not taken picture of the old headlightbeam
toncezskim (author) 5 years ago

yztay is right if you want much more brighter lights or adding more headlight.

thanks yztay
lemonie5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
yztay lemonie5 years ago
He made a headlight wiring relay kit

you need it if you want more headlights on your car