How to Make a Headset for Online Gaming or Instant Messaging





Introduction: How to Make a Headset for Online Gaming or Instant Messaging

How to make a headset for online gaming or instant messaging. This is my first instructable and I really worked hard on this so please no flames ;)

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials needed for this project:

Duct Tape
Old Walkman Style Headphones
Ipod Like Earbuds

Step 2: Gut It Out

Gut out the BIC pen and discard or set aside the insides just keep the tube looking part. Then tape the tube to the Walkman Headphones and make sure the end of the tube is close to your mouth if it is not do whatever you need to to get it there.

Step 3: Find the Right Earbud

Find the right earbud to be used for the microphone by plugging it into the microphone port on your computer and opening sound recorder and blowing into both of them.

Step 4: Attach It!

If the jack of the earbuds will fit through the hole of the pen put it through if not just tape the earbud that you just found to the pen in a spiral fashion.

Step 5: Customize

You can now use the headset if you would wish but you could also customize it to look like your own if you happen to do this post a picture of what it looks like! Ill have to warn you. If you do not talk loud sometimes the microphone/headphone will not pick up whatever you just said and it will just be really quiet. If you have the money I highly suggest to go buy one from walmart or whatever.



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    That is awesome! I didn't know you can make a microphone out of ipod earbuds.
    I need a mic so I will use this. Play Anytime :)

    I tried using some ipod headphones by themselves, and they didn't work. I spoke loudly, and into both ear buds to make sure.

    Wow you DO learn something new every day... I'm talking about the earbud/ mic thing of course. Great instrucable btw. Oh and I subbed

    lol I have a cheap mic, and my (good) earbuds record better and at about the same volume

    Awesome, I didn't know you could make a microphone out of ipod earbuds

    Ah no. They're iPod like Earbuds!

    i'll deffinently make this


    O_O Is that SkullCandy INK'D Buds you put as the mic?