Picture of How to make a hedgehog pizza
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-Cheese (about 1/2 cup)
-Pita bread (2)
-Green onion (about 1 tablespoon)
-Black olive (1)
-Tomato sauce (1/4 of a cup)
-Cookie sheet or any pan suitable for warming pizza
Makes 1 mini pizza.

Step 1: Tomato sauce

Picture of Tomato sauce
1. Put the pita bread on the cookie sheet.
2. Spread the tomato sauce evenly with a spoon onto the pita.
przem4 years ago
Funny idea, but a bit macabre. It looks a bit like a roadkill :-)

So there you can say to someone: "Hey, I've just have eaten a roadkill hedgehog pizza... So soft, so molten, so aromatic..." ;-p
Kiteman przem4 years ago
Yay for roadkill!
przem Kiteman4 years ago
Assuming the roadkill interpretation, this would be a good dish for a Halloween party.

Or Instructable Team party... (e.g. stasterisk, Tim, or canida should love it ;-) )
Yoshi cat (author)  przem4 years ago
Very true.
Yoshi cat (author) 4 years ago
Yeah I suppose it does look a bit like that, but it would be hard it make it a 3D hedgehog. I never though about that.
For future viewers: I like hedgehogs and the pizza does not represent roadkill. It is just a fun pizza for kids, and adults if they like hedgehogs.
przem Yoshi cat4 years ago
I'm sorry if you felt offended...

The thought about roadkill was just a product of my ill imagination... Someone with a pure and innocent mind (i.e child) would not have such strange associations ;-)

And I also like hedgehogs! They sometimes come to my garden. Not so long ago one of them was sitting in my dog's bowl and eating his food. It looked quite funny. :-)
Yoshi cat (author)  przem4 years ago
Oh thats okay. I see what you mean by it looking squished.

Aww... You get hedgehogs!!!! I wish i could get them in my yard. But they probably wouldn't get along with my cat.