Step 5: Launching It

My first attempts at launching. They weren't upto par, as I discovered a few days after I took the video, since I found I could make it move about 10 feet forward by giving it a forward push.

A sharp twist of the wrist, while throwing it upwards is usually enough.  Feel free to try other methods.

To see if it could be launched bottom up, I found that it worked quite well.

And of course, the control.

To prove that this design actually converts a coffee cup into a flying object, I tried using the same hand motion on an uncut coffee cup

Seens hard to make<br>
&nbsp;Nice Job!
Thanks!<br />
Have you tried giving the leading edge of each wing a slight upwards twist?<br />
&nbsp;I have just tried, but it causes the helicopter to move backwards (video to be uploaded by the morning). A friend of mine suggested making the blades slightly tapered, and I shall upload that soon.<br /> <br /> Thanks for the suggestion, though, it gave me something to try out.<br /> :)
no, but I have been trying different cuts and bending the wings to see how it affects its movement. Are we allowed to edit the instructable while it is in the voting phase?<br />

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