Picture of lego helicopter
This is how you make my helicopter it holds up to 7 mini figs. and fit a man in the cock pit
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Step 1: Cock Pit

How to make a cock pit you can fit a man into.

Step 2: Cock Pit Continued

Cock Pit Continued

Step 3: Tail

This is how to make the tail

Step 4: Top,bottom and misc.

This is the top,bottom and misc.

Step 5: If you want to add a gun ( you do not need to do this step)

If you want to add a gun
mdman102 years ago
sweet im going to try to design and build my own helicopter soon. Thhanks for the inspiration..
lets say you want to costomize this to lets say life size and outfit it to global domination.....
What?that was random
oh you think its random i asked it because i thought is was a joke not to be taken literal
i know
why is this rated so low?! this is pretty epic =D I'll give it 5*