Introduction: Lego Helicopter

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This is how you make my helicopter it holds up to 7 mini figs. and fit a man in the cock pit

Step 1: Cock Pit

Picture of Cock Pit

How to make a cock pit you can fit a man into.

Step 2: Cock Pit Continued

Picture of Cock Pit Continued

Cock Pit Continued

Step 3: Tail

Picture of Tail

This is how to make the tail

Step 4: Top,bottom and Misc.

Picture of Top,bottom and Misc.

This is the top,bottom and misc.

Step 5: If You Want to Add a Gun ( You Do Not Need to Do This Step)

Picture of If You Want to Add a Gun ( You Do Not Need to Do This Step)

If you want to add a gun


mdman10 (author)2012-09-07

sweet im going to try to design and build my own helicopter soon. Thhanks for the inspiration.. (author)2012-07-19


coconuthead the third (author)2010-01-25

lets say you want to costomize this to lets say life size and outfit it to global domination.....

What?that was random

oh you think its random i asked it because i thought is was a joke not to be taken literal

i know

jingo69 (author)realzrulzz2011-05-07

why is this rated so low?! this is pretty epic =D I'll give it 5*

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