How to make a high power burning blueray laser! Easy,cheap and focusable!

Picture of How to make a high power burning blueray laser! Easy,cheap and focusable!
This is a DIY guide on how to make your HIGH POWER burning BLUE-ray laser.

You are dealing with very high power lasers that will blind anyone in under half a secound if shined into your eyes or anyone elses eyes!

Now onto the first PIC! :D

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What is the most powerful cutting laser of non CO2 type that can be built please irrespective of price from available components ? How fast could it cut 3mm plywood ? Would it be focusable ? What approx cost ?

thats pretty cool except that is way too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello, My name is Calvin. I have a question. I own my own Crafted Wood business online and the items I make I use a normal bench scroll saw. I would like to upgrade it with a lazer saw that can cut through 3/4" wood. Any sugestions?
Epilog Lasers.
but a cheap weapon!!!
I could purchase one,but I would like to maybe build my own laser cutting tool for this purpose.
Any one out here that can maybe help?????
Cheezpaper4 years ago
Is the laser safe to look at when you point it at an object like a book? Or does it only damage your eyes when directly pointed at a persons eyes?
Anything that is shiny can be a potential danger to your eyesight when a laser is involved. Be very careful, you could be blinded before you know what hit you!
So basically if it's not shiny it's somewhat safer to look at?
No, not really. ALL laser light is dangerous to the eyes-- even from laser scanners and laser levels-- so you don't want to see any kind of reflection. A non-reflective surface like cardboard or a dull white or even gray wall is okay, but keep it away from dark walls and panels for the opposite reason: anything dark will absorb laser light and can burn if the beam is powerful enough or focussed.
Then its better to use it as a weapon.
Kill someone,blind someone within a second.
Actually white or reflective items will be more dangerous to shine light at, dark objects appear dark because they absorb light of (nearly) all frequencies, including lasers, so because they absorb laser light and absorbance is negative log of transmittance, there will be less light transmitted from the incident object, meaning less light will reach the persons eyes.
Read his whole reply for commenting... "reason: anything dark will absorb laser light and can burn if the beam is powerful enough or focussed" He's talking about burning the dark object, not your eyes.
fahadshihab3 years ago
Actually it is of great use when it is used in laser cutting or in far off places to light a fire at night.
tanis93195 years ago
very complex not easy to get parts this is not cheap you lied and you will regret it eventally

A comparable laser if purchased from a manufacturer would cost around $250 or more.... so yes, it really is cheap. You could cut some cost by not adding the heat sink but doing that would make it burn out a lot faster. It is also not that complex as far as electronics are concerned.
beamq4 years ago
The diode page is not available. Maybe you can try these products:

marc007034 years ago
Price breaks down to 15 Dollars if you buy the DIODE, and the AIXIS Module from HIGHTECHDEALZ, and if you make your own driver...
nosebleedXD5 years ago
hey do you know if i can fit a homemade driver in there?
laserblast6 years ago
I built this laser and and had it for 1.5 days when it suddenly got much weaker and then stopped. I looked inside and saw a wire had come off. I re-soldered it but the laser is still very weak. I replaced the batteries multiple times and it didn't work. Any ideas on how to fix this?
LaserRain (author)  laserblast6 years ago
Your diode is dead by the looks of it you can order another one and replace and it should be at full power again. May I ask how many milli-amps you had it set at?
why would it die after 1.5 days?
two words. cheap. parts.
265lutab5 years ago
 the link for the heat sink is broken where else can I get one?
 this is a cool project, but in my book, $80 is not cheap. Kipkay has easier ones, and you can get his diodes from cheap, broken Xboxes.
gonathen5 years ago
what do you think about all this
eric m5 years ago
This is how you go to jail.

nitewing1175 years ago
This is pretty straight forward.  Thanks for the info.
does it burn through stuff?if so, then i want it!
xproplayer5 years ago
dont diss kipkay he does gr8 instructables and his projects are supposed to be easy not complex
camcomm5 years ago
 UGH!!!! ive spent the last 2 hours trying to find the dang heatsink!!!! no avail... someone please help me!!!
camcomm5 years ago
 i am having a lit of trouble finding the heatsink you mentioned off the sight you posted. it just brings me to the forum home.
randone5 years ago
could you use tape because I do not have a soldering iron and I do not mind taking it apart every once and a while.
Mr. Waffle5 years ago
Also, how many mW is the diode?
Mr. Waffle5 years ago
DO you NEED the heatsink, and if you do is there an alternative site to buy it from?
since this would blinds you in under 1/2 a second im guessing you dont want to light cigerates with it or use it in a crowded area
just how important is the heatsink... i mean 30$ for a piece of metal?
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