How to make a high power burning blueray laser! Easy,cheap and focusable!

Picture of How to make a high power burning blueray laser! Easy,cheap and focusable!
This is a DIY guide on how to make your HIGH POWER burning BLUE-ray laser.

You are dealing with very high power lasers that will blind anyone in under half a secound if shined into your eyes or anyone elses eyes!

Now onto the first PIC! :D

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Step 2: Flashlight stuff

Picture of Flashlight stuff
9-LED 021.jpg
9-LED 023.jpg
9-LED 024.jpg
9-LED 026.jpg
9-LED 027.jpg
Flashlight stuff.

Step 3: The polarity

Picture of The polarity
laser guide 007.jpg
Pocket Pal PCB board polarity and what Jayrob sent me 001.jpg
Ok first off get your 9-LED flashlight take out the little metal ring (force or pressure whatever works) and then take out out all the stuff inside it, all you need is the little metal ring, the pcb board thing and the head of the flashlight, also the little shiny thing that the leds fit into and cut out the middle of it.

Desolder all the leds on the pcb board.

Now file down the edges on the metal ring.

Solder wires onto the postive and negative pins on the diode in your heatsink, put the wires through the o-ring that comes with the heatsink then you put them through the shiny thing from the flashlight and solder them to the flexdrive connection pads.

Then solder wires onto the - and + of the driver and then put the wires through the holes on the pcb board and solder them on.

Go to step three on how to put it all together.

Step 4: How to put it all together!

Picture of How to put it all together!
laser guide 012.jpg
laser guide 013.jpg
laser guide 014.jpg
How to put it all together.

Step 5: Finished!!!!!!

Now you have finished your laser!

If you need more help this guide is great too! http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1213338268/0#0

This will last WAY longer then kipkays lasers cause his DON'T use drivers or heatsinks making them die VERY quickly.

Hope you enjoy your laser!

(I did not design this laser or make any of the parts I linked to I only made this guide.)
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EEEkkkk! Sounds like someone live a little too close to the uranium mines! ;)
Cacophonix5 years ago
This stuff is hard to get :'(
ElvenChild6 years ago
This is probably obvious but how many volts is it?
Just use the power equation. power= 100mW current=115mA so....

P/I=V therefore 100mW/115mA= .87 V

Keep in mind the driver is regulating the voltage so.. depending on the ratings of the driver components the power supply could be like 12V, but since we like compact lasers a couple of AA's or D's totaling 3V could be used (probably why the author used a flashlight case)
lmn Thenwcp6 years ago
The power is not the power going through the circuit. It's the power of the light so that doesn't work.
Thenwcp lmn6 years ago
Power in = power out therefore it does work due to the fact I stated all OUTPUT values, if I had mixed input and output values then yes it would be incorrect, however maybe I should have been more specific and said >.87 volts?
Thenwcp Thenwcp6 years ago
now I dont' have the driver in my hand so I don't know if there is a zener diode in there, but the principal of operation is the same.
lmn ElvenChild6 years ago
If you use the flexdrive then 3-5 volts works
dmhjah6 years ago
So I guess that brass tubing would make an ok heatsink? If I can't find something that fits where would I get one? Thanks Cheers
lmn dmhjah6 years ago
I'd just buy a heatsink from one of the websites unless you have a lathe.
Can this laser burn stuff, how many mW is it?
Should be 100mw
lmn LaserRain6 years ago
It's probably because the PHR was run at about 8-10 mW to be used as a pointer. But I took the diode out and put it in a dorcy build.
Power= Current * Voltage
Power= Current(squared) * Resistance
Power = Voltage(squared)/ Resistance

of course these calculations are ideal and don't take into account the efficiency of the diode or the focusing of the lens
Mine is set to 116 mA and is 70 mW.
dmhjah6 years ago
Hi, I looked at the sight and didn't have any luck finding a heatsink? Any hints or clues are appreciated Cheers David
Thenwcp dmhjah6 years ago
Here's a few things you can do... all a heatsink does is take heat a transfer it away from a component. Therefore you can.... 1.) Drill a hole in a heatsink made for a Processor/motherboard 2.) Use a fan to air cool 3.) find any metal that dissipates heat fairly quickly like aluminum or brass or copper and surround the component with that
dmhjah6 years ago
Where is the heatsink on the website?
will it burn?
Yeah it lights red matches when focused
macgyver6036 years ago
How many watts is this laser?
Around 100mW give or take. It should last a while. Really, you can get the driver set a little higher if you want. But, if you go past like 130mA, your kind of risking a shorter life. (the PHR diode is somewhat unreliable. Some can go up to 175mW or above, others will die much much shorter - like 130mW. So in general, around 110mW or so is considered safe and will ensure good life).
My PHR is set to 117 mA and is 70 mW.
carlos66ba6 years ago
Don't look at the beam with your remaining eye :-)
You mean: Don't look at the beam with your remaining eye .-) And if you DO look into the beam again -)
LaserRain (author)  carlos66ba6 years ago
wupme6 years ago
I so need to start getting me laser parts. I think about a 3 color Laserbank (PC Controlled) to project shapes in RGB to a wall and stuff.... Yeah i always go over the top with the stuff i wanna do.
guyfrom7up6 years ago
This is one of the first laser instructables that has all of the following -a giant warning in the beginning -a real powersupply, not just a resistor -LED lasers have polarity :P And for that, i give you 5 stars
laserblast6 years ago
The link for the heatsink redirects me to the home page of laser pointer forums. Could you re-post the link (or the correct link)?
LaserRain (author)  laserblast6 years ago
Hey, I might be getting my hands on an xbox 360 laser soon (if I'm lucky) will that work?
LaserRain (author)  TheCheese99216 years ago
Since you asked nicely I'm going to help :).

Xbox 360 diodes are not blueray nor high power.
Only the xbox 360 hd add-on has a high power blueray diode used in this tutorial.

But you can get the diode itself in a housing module already viced into the focusing module for less then you can get the hd add-on for.

If the design of this laser doesn't take your fancy check out http://www.laserpointerforums.com/ tons of other laser designs there too!

Pm if you have any other questions even if there about different colour lasers.

not if the xbox is free, xd thanks
a xbox laser? That lake taking a regular cd/dvd diode. it gonna be invisible and wont burn.
The HD add on
crapflinger6 years ago
you need to be more descriptive in your steps.....if you don't post INSTRUCTIONS in your steps then it should basically be a slide show of all the parts you used
LaserRain (author)  crapflinger6 years ago
Fixed that (I thinK)
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