Introduction: How to Make a Sleeve for Personal Belongings in Easy Steps

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Didn't you always want to make your own sleeve to keep your personal belongings close to you? In this instructable we explain to you how to make yours! With tips and tricks we help you to protect, personalise and upgrade your belongings such as laptops, sell phones, markers, writing stuff etc.

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Step 1: Materials

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For this project you will need:

(when it's a detail, you can choose which one you like)

head pins

sewing needle


sewing thread

sewing machine


details : leather/felt

details: buttons/press fasteners/zippers




Step 2:

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Find fabric/textile you prefer to make your personal sleeve.

Tip: use a soft one for the lining if it’s a sleeve for a delicate product

Step 3:

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Choose a piece of textile which has two times the size of your object you want to make a sleeve for.

Tip: make sure it is even bigger so you have a little margin

Step 4:

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Measure the sides so they are all equal over the whole length.

Step 5:

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Put head pins through the borderlines to assure that the textile no longer shifts.

Step 6:

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Sew the borderline.

Step 7:

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Cut off the ragged pieces of textile.

Step 8:

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Now we are getting a visual shape of the sleeve.

Step 9:

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Be sure you measure the piece of lining so it is long enough.

Tip: use your object and put it on top of the lining to make sure that the lining has the right size.

Step 10:

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With the scissors you can cut off the part that is left aside the lining.

Step 11:

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Depending on the sewing machine you will use, you can choose between several stitching techniques. We will use a double overlock stitch(number 6 on the photo).

Tip: we use a double overlock stitch because it's strong and gives a quality finish.

Step 12:

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The sewing machine will now sew the chosen pattern on your sleeve.

Tip: do not push/pull the textile or sleeve through the sewing machine.

It has an integrated part which will pull the textile itself through the machine.

Step 13:

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Make sure you sew both sides two times.

Tip: The more times you sew over the stitch, the stronger it will get

But: Make sure the stitch is quite above the first stitches so it looks like a straight line

Step 14:

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Before you flip-over your comfy sleeve, we are going to make sure nothing falls out of your precious belongings inside. We are going to use a press fastener (see also at the end of the instructable for alternatives). You sew the two parts on each side of the sleeve.

Step 15:

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Now you can take along your markers anywhere you like and they are fully protected!

Step 16:

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Step 17: Alternative Details

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With a plier for press fasteners, eyelets and piercing, you can choose which lock system you want to integrate in your personal sleeve! Here we used a color snap to finish the phone sleeve.

Step 18: Overall View

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You can also make different sorts of sleeves for other belongings and built your empire of sleeves! every product loves to be protected from several impacts such as rain, dirt, wind, dust, coins, sharp things etc.


tomatoskins (author)2015-03-09

That turned out looking great! One of my friends used to carry his phone around in a crochetd "sock".

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