Moleskine Pocket Diary Hipster PDA





Introduction: Moleskine Pocket Diary Hipster PDA

This is a very simple way to make a cool Hipster PDA using your basic Moleskine pocket-sized diary.

(For detailed information on what constitutes a Hipster PDA, see this article and this article.)

Step 1: What You Need

- Two loose-leaf binder rings, preferably small (I use 1/2-inch diameter rings)
- 3 by 5" Index cards
- A hole-puncher
- A Moleskine pocket size daily or weekly diary

(Click here for the Moleskine online catalog)

Step 2: Open the Diary With Facing Pages

Turn to the inside front cover of the Moleskine diary.

Step 3: Line Up an Index Card With the Inside Front Cover

Taking one index card, line up the top of the card so that it's flush with the top of the Moleskine cover. I suggest centering the index card very slightly to the left of center on the Moleskine cover, as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Punch Holes

While holding the index card against the Moleskine cover, use the hole-puncher to punch two holes through both.

It doesn't really matter where you punch the holes, as long as they're fairly centered and well inside the boundaries of the cover/card. In my planner, the center of each hole falls roughly 5/16" inside from the top edge and approximately 1/2 inch from the left and right edges of the Moleskine cover.

Step 5: Create Any Other Index Cards for Your System

Using the first index card as your template, punch holes in any additional cards you want to add to the system.

Step 6: Collate Cards and Affix to Diary

Collate your index cards, and affix them to the front cover of the Moleskine by looping the loose-leaf rings through the holes, then locking them.

It's a good idea to loop one ring at a time.

Step 7: Voila!

Now you've got a planner!

Step 8: And If You Want...

You can flip your index cards around and secure them to the top of your planner, in case you want to remind yourself of something particularly important.

Step 9: Finally

Enjoy your new Hipster PDA!



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    18 Discussions

    The rings work alright, I found those winged brackets fit in my pocket easier though. Only draw back, it's a little harder to flip through cards.

    Thanks for the comment, glad you like it -- I've modified the introductory step to explain the meaning of the term "Hipster PDA."

    Umm, binder clip? I would find this much more useful, and less destructive to the moleskine. Nice idea though, I've never thought of combining my hPDA and my Moleskine. *goes to binder clip some index cards to the inside of my Moleskine*

    2 replies

    You might find that more useful, but the fact that you can flip the pages might appeal to some, also a binder clip more easily slip off, so you are being more destructive as you say, sure, but also something that in essence is a bit more stable. To each their own, it's good to give your 2 cents, but you should try to do it in a manner that seems a bit nicer.

    MMk, don't see where I was being in any way not nice, but simply giving a suggestion. Thanks though.

    Love it! I may give it a shot with my Levenger's Circa hole punch. Those rings seem like they'd be cumbersome in the pocket.

    I use a slightly simpler method.. I paste 3"x5" post-its into the back pages. From the front of the notebook, I rule a week-on-two-pages planner in the front, good for about 2 school years (about 70 pages per semester). That leaves space for about 50 'modular' post-it pages in the back (I never use more than a dozen or so anyway) - the whole book is 192 pages. You can also use sticky tabs to delimit sections for GTD or whatever system you're using, so you can flip to the right page quickly.

    1 reply

    I essentially do this, too. The sticky tabs point out "sections" of the notebook (by context). I use "Elmer's Repositionable Picture and Poster Stick" and attach all kinds of paper items or 3x5 cards where convenient. I custom make my to-do lists and shopping lists to fit my writing size and preferences for organization and replace them when they are filed or "done." My current shopping list is always in the back and my current to-do is always in the front and gets replaced every 2 days or so. Doing this has saved lots of of the nice creamy notebook pages for journaling and taking notes I want to keep a while.

    Hey, you can add some groovy notebook paper hole reinforcers too. Or just put some duct tape along the edge before you punch your holes. It'll give your punches an extra bit of strength.

    Cool PDA :) I just made mine, with a large blank paged notebook. I think I pocket-sized one would get lost in my bag, lol.

    Here is a bad photo of my effort. Now I am off to productively spend the night printing index cards... Nice idea thanks for sharing :)


    I love the left-handed functionality of your PDA!! I used to have an old-fashioned PDA (the electronic kind...) but it drove me nuts that the holder was rigged for right-handed folks only. I tried flipping everything upside down, but you couldn't get the stylus out without yogic dexterity. I ditched the darn thing and used something more like your more updated version. Much more practical, and it never loses batteries! (-:

    I've seen people with these, I never new they were called Hipster PDAs!

    Cool! Usually I don't write out my Instructable plans like you did, but I might start doing that now.
    Great job on the Instructable!

    1 reply