Introduction: How to Make a Holographic 3D Pyramid

In today's video I'll show you a great idea of how to make a holographic 3D pyramid at home!

Step 1: How to Make a Holographic 3D Pyramid

Picture of How to Make a Holographic 3D Pyramid

Links to pyramids on aliexpress for those who are lazy)))

1 . 2.

Download stencil: 1.

Download holographic pictures:
1. Butterflies
2. Brilliant
3. Girl
4. Girl in dress
5. Sparkles
6. Jelly-fish
7. Mini-skirt
8. UFO

Step 2: TEST

It's very easy to make a pyramid by yourself. The main fact is that we need just organic glass and a few instruments to make it. Make a hologram on your own and surprise your relatives with this brilliant result!


POORNU (author)2015-09-16


ILikePizzaItsDelish (author)2015-07-21

It's really cool! Good job!

jmalik4 (author)2015-07-03

Brilliant Imagination and Creativity, Thanks for sharing

romanursuhack (author)jmalik42015-07-06

omg thx!=)))

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-06-28

Cool project. Thanks for sharing.


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