video How to make a home made stylus for your IPhone, IPod, IPad
Hello Everyone :)
Here is a video with step by step instructions on how to make your own stylus using everyday household items :)
StarFury7724 months ago

cool idea, but I bought mine that looks like a quil for 5 bucks...pretty sure It would cost a few more cents to make dis one.

Not critizing

sdubois32 years ago
just did it! I LOOOVE IT! thank you so much!
actually, it juste stopped working today. wet it again, notthing happens :( what can I do to make it work again??

try replacing the paperclip

genius soccer mom lady!!! love it!!!

Wow this is awesome, thanks so much! I use the scientific calculator for school and my fingers are just big enough to make pressing any more than one button a real pain.
I am thrilled with your stylus. I have bee trying to do it, in a much more difficult way. Thank you and I will make some today. Thank you!
TheNailDutchess (author)  craftknowitall3 years ago
Your very welcome :) I have made different ones and none of them work as well as this one. Let me know how it comes out for you. Have an awesome day ♥