This Instructable will show you all of the necessary steps to convert your average Nerf gun into an amazing Airsoft gun! It will also teach you how to become a basement airsoft player. Includes creation of airsoft gun, armor, and some basic tactics to get you started. What are you waiting for! Start your quest today! By the way, I am not liable for anything you do with this information. This is my first Instructible by the way.
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Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Here is a list of the materials you will need to create your homeade Airsoft gun.

1. Nerf Gun*
2. One pen**
3. Duct tape
4. Pair of pliers
5. Some Airsoft bullets

  • It is usually best to use a Nerf gun that has a single barrel to put Nerf bullets in.

** If you want a longer barrel, you will need more than one pen. Just use some duct tape to attach two together. Just keep in mind, the longer the barrel, usually the more accurate. But, the more barrels you add the more of a chance the bullet will shoot off course because of imperfect taping.

Dude why did you have to use a VINTAGE nerf gun? The dang thing is 1000$ by today's standards and you turn it into an airsoft gun? Wow just wow
<p>Because airsoft is better.</p>
why doesnt everyone just buy a real airsoft gun
because nerf guns have bigger plunger tubes AND THEREFORE MORE POWER AND THEREFORE ARE GOODERS then airsoft.
Maybe for what is available in Australia, but go on yutube abd look up American airsoft guns from brands like G&amp;G, King Arms, WE, Dboys, etc. and you will see why people are saying to just buy one. Check out my link, I'm sure you could use it in a nerf gun.
gooder is not a word
is worstest huh huh huh????!!!!!
It is on the internet. XD<br>
and there illigal in sum countrys not to forget
I agree. with nerf airsoft guns, you can walk around with them and not get in trouble by the popo. with regular airsoft guns, you will get in trouble most of the time.
ya, in ma country you may not even have a air rifle untill you're 18! (i actually am illegal cuz i got a bb gun so if the police notices im in trouble lol)
in vancouver you just need to be with someone thats 18+ (ima young teen)
do you mean ''regular'' air rifles (no replica), or a replica. since my my country you may not have anything that even looks like a real WEAPON
in vancouver you can have replecas but they need somthing to make them fake or put in a gun case in public
Because us Australians can't have em, :((
because those who convert the nerf guns actually have a sense of imagination <br />
To you over seas underground airsofters, look at this Instructable we made: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/SAW-Armament-Tips-and-Tricks-Basic-gas-powered/
I converted my Jolt into an airsoft. Thanks bro/gal/dude/whatever. Now I can shoot the cats that poop on my lawn. Thanks again.
Nice blue plastic butter knife! I love jokes that aren't funny! <br> <br>Ok seriously. <br> <br> <br>Does this work as an airsoft gun??
Unless youre poor or want a unique gun on the battlefield, i suggest buying an actual airsoft gun. My TAR21 shoots 460 FPS...
Unless you're going to throw $200 on a plaything, I suggest investing in a cheap nerf gun and converting it. <br> <br>Seriously, if you want to brag, do it where someone cares.
thats not a real bayonet its a&nbsp; butter knife
Yes no one relized that But any ways if you look at the picture the kids like seventeen so why in the world would he have a real one AND if your seventeen why is this kid wearing cardboard instead of a sweatshirt
i did nodice besides they did not have plastic back then in the amercian civil war and that tube byonet was also plastic and was made from a pen
Nice idea! But I wish there was a better way to keep the BBs in the barrel.
Hey, does anyone know a way to make it so the BB stays in the back of the barrel instead of rolling out? There must be some sort of way to use adhesive to get it to stay until fired.
my gun can rip through carboard boxes and stick to the behind wall (of the box) from ten feet, watch out for this!
my gun can go throuh dry wall walls
Yes, well, you probably don't use airsoft guns made out of pens and nerf guns.
actually, i made this and it does go through cardboard from 10-15 feet away
what gun did you use? i used a tech target gun and it leaves welts at 35+ ft. cardboard? pffft... t layers with rubber band mod and simple 2 pen hopper will shoot 20 rounds a fast as you pull back the cock thing.
i used a tech target too it dont work what do i do
Exactly why doesn't it work? It should work, unless it's broken or faulty.
it fire just bad and ive tried everything
Does it fire regular nerf darts bad too?
lol just addding to the reply line
heh..... Thats actually pretty funny....
If the gun is broke, its broke, nothing you can do, but if it isn't broken, make sure that the barrel is sealed where it meets the gun, if the gun is not sealed properly, the air escapes and cannot propel anything
i'll send you a pic when i get home from work tonight.
good idea
i used the nerf night finder or something, and it hurts from far away....ten #64 rubberbands on the back though....
Pen + Air compresser + BB Or, just use an real airsoft gun... lol.
hey, it's cheaper
little bit
Awesome mod! thanks! :)
you r the best i might even use it in a war
just a suggestion:y not get a mcdonalds straw insted(bb's fit in it) and pull the cap off a nerf dart and simply put the straw inside( it fits)?<br />
the straw's too soft
worked 4 me :)

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