Make your own Comic Book that you can wear!

Step 1: Designing Your Costume, Planning Layout,choosing Your Theme.

This Instructable will teach you, how to make a Walking Comic Book Costume. You have the freedom to be creative , so you don't have to make a Comic book, you can be a magazine, or your favorite book, you can choose any character or theme you'd like. The possibilities are endless. You can also alter the measurements if you would want to use this idea for a childs costume!

1. Choose your theme. I chose my favorite artist Roy Litchenstein's art work. And presented it in a comic book layout.
2. Choose a large Image for your cover, anything from vintage Comic book covers , to magazine covers, or book covers. You can download images you find while searching the internet, or take a photo of one of your favorite options.

3. Keep it " Visually Simple".  I CHOSE 9 IMAGES IN TOTAL. You don't want to select too many images, as you need to either draw or print these images very large  on each inner page of the costume. You don't want to confuse people, and still maintain a  Visual Comic Book layout look.

4. For the first page the" Left page", I chose 2 images that where placed on top and printed them out smaller than the third image. The third image I printed out larger and horizontally wider, to put on the bottom of my Left page.This gives you the classic Comic Book layout look you want to achieve. So keep this in mind when choosing images, when printing it out. 

5. Remember you will be standing infront of the image that is to be placed on the top of your right page. I chose an image I could be , and dress up as. So consider a large image of your favorite character.......

6. Pictured above is a diagram I drew before I started choosing which theme. Pre planning and visualizing your costume will help greatly. Photos shown above.

7. Now that you have chosen your theme and images you can either draw them to scale, or print them out in large scale at your local print shop.I chose to print them out it is much faster. I printed them out in black and white and then painted the colors on it.

Now you're ready for your supply list!

Very neat idea! Well done!
Thanks PoofRabbit!!! Glad you like it :)

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