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If there's one thing that any crafty person, like myself, hates more than getting some inspiration for something cool to make, its not having the right tool to use to make that cool thing. One tool that i can think of that many with a low budget would love to have is a dremel. Since i can't use my school loans to pay for a reliable dremel with various bits from a hardware store, why not make my own dremel instead and have enough for the bits once its done?


I have a Soldering Iron now so getting a bit holder to stay on the motor should be easier now! I'll post that in a few days (When i can figure it out...)


I plan to remake this now that i know dremel chucks can be sold on Amazon.com. I shall buy one and make a better homemade dremel for anyone that looks at this.

Step 1: Parts List

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Shopping List:

1. x2 9v batteries
2. x2 9v battery plugs
3. Switches (1 for pulse, 1 for power)
4. Electrical tape
5. 9-18v electric motor
6. Hookup wire, preferably red and black
7. wire cutters & strippers (i just used my trusty multitool)
8. Cardstock (about 2-3 sheets)
9. scissors

Sure there's tacky glue in the second picture, but i didnt use it. thought i would, but thats why i had the electrical tape.
amiir1 month ago

what about chuck ? (bit holder :D)

Inccubus2 years ago
Nice! That's how to MacGyver a tool in a pinch!
eshnah34 years ago
You may want to take a look at this instructable
It might be able to assist you in your struggle with the bit-holder
zazenergy4 years ago
Good job! This is awesome.