Wood pole
Plastic party cups
Masking tape
Blue and grey paint

Step 1: Handel

Cut cardboard like below. Then cut pole to hand length glue like handle. Cover in masking tape

Step 2: Body

Glue handel on to cup. Cover with masking tape. Paint blue. Paint handle grey.

Step 3: Hook

Cut out cardboard hook and glue. Cover with  masking tape.

Step 4: Use Hookshot

Have fun!
Love the concept, try keeping the camera still so we can see the outcome and maybe more explaining instructions?
<p>sorry, my camera sucks.</p>
<p>I think this looks great!!! and let's face the facts, most cameras suck!</p>
<p>The camera part is not my fault, my camera just is bad and the lighting was awful.</p>
<p>come on guys don't be jerks give the guy a chance</p>
<p>Horrable, this thing can be damaged by water XD</p>

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