How to Make a Hot Chilli Sauce, Similar to Carribean Hot Pepper Sauces





Introduction: How to Make a Hot Chilli Sauce, Similar to Carribean Hot Pepper Sauces

It's a cheap & easy way to make tasty hot pepper sauce! General guidelines are given, as I've only done this once & can make no claims to the receipe being perfected. This worked first time & it was easy, also very hot...

Step 1: Ingredients

I used:
Habanero or Scotch Bonnet chillies (I don't know which, but please see photo)
You'll also need a food-blender, a sauce pan, graduated jug & a clean bottle.

Step 2: Preparation

  • Cut chillies roughly (I used 7), I'd advise removing the seeds for a better flavour to heat ratio. These things will hurt you, take your own precautions...
  • Peel & chop garlic roughly (I used 3 fat cloves)
  • Measure the capacity of your bottle with the jug & water. Add chillies garlic to the jug & enough vinegar to make the volume you need, plus a little more. I made ~ 1/4 pint ~150 ml
  • Transfer these to a pan, add ~ 5 teaspoons of salt, an a teaspoon of sugar, heat to boil & simmer (with a lid) for ~ 15 min
  • Blend this mixture until smooth, reheat in the pan & pour into your bottle using the jug.

Step 3: Variations

(I'd keep this in the fridge, but the vinegar salt & sugar should help preserve)

For a cooler sauce:

Use fewer chillies & thicken with cornflour. Mix a little cornflour with cold water & stir into the simmering liquid a little at a time, remembering that it will be thicker when cooled. Get this wrong & you won't get it out of the bottle...

Other ingredients could include:

Tomato paste
Various herbs & spices



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    followed this, and I am in pain, those scotch bonnets are lethal! I am in Haiti and tried the Haitian version, I have a Sierra Leone version also, very much the same. So I gave your a go, it hits the spot. I made a second batch, gave her a twist, I added i whole lemon rind, substituted the sugar for honey, added fresh ginger, one cooked and blended added lemon (Or lime) juice and honey to get that balance, this is mind blowing... One point to note the Chilli in Haiti is 'FIRE'.



    P.S. Planted the seeds I did not use!

    Yes it's concentrated - I cook with it rather than putting it on things.
    I might try the lemon & honey, thanks for that idea.


    Try using some raisons in the mix, this acts as a colling agent, but not too many as it will also help you visit the loo several times a day. Will be posting Big Dadda Chill Sauce recipe soon. It's mash up.

    If you would like an Indian twist to it, add ground cumin and and a little ground fenugreek.

    It compares to a brand called Mr Naga chilli pickle

    I think I've got some cumin seeds, good idea.


    i use to make pepper sauce i still not the recipe to make a full bottle and use less vinger to thicking it use cornstarch. some tines we make picklist which is a hatian veggie with pepper. made with cabbage habaneros carrots and lemon juice and salt to taste

    that last one sounds good. could you put it up here (as an Instructable)next time?


     they are scotch bonnet


    I made it with wine vinegar and the result is very good. However, the next time i won't remove the seeds because the sauce is too cool for me like that :p Thanks for this good recipe.