These make lovely pins or hair clips. A couple of these make a nice gift by themselves or as package topper. (This tutorial was originally posted by me on Craftster.)

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
Fabric remnant
Matching thread
Sewing needle
Decorative button or earring for center
Glue gun and glue sticks
Pin back or hair clip
<p>Wow. Saw these on cards when I was looking for a Mother's Day card. They wanted an exortionate amount for them. i looked up Kanzashi and found this. Fantastic. now I can make something stunning and my Mum will be thrilled ( and think I am really clever!!)</p>
You made a very beautiful flower pin. :)
I was thinking about making stamen. I bought these long silver pins with blunt points that are supposed to be used for jewelry making. Then I threaded a pearly bead, followed by a clear earring back. The wire bends easily enough, so for attachment, I was planning to poke the pin into the fabric, make a loop, and add a few stitches.<br />
Thank you very much for the wonderful project!! I had heard of these before but not been able to find the instruct's for them.....thanks a bunch!!! Can't wait to make these......TON's of ideas for these:) Great instructs!
I like it very much .I took long time search such as class. very good
The instructions are great and easy to follow. Thank you!
This is a great and ez project! Thank you! It will help me to add an extra touch to the purses I make/sell! Gracias!
this is really cute! I am making one out of notebook paper for practice (and beacuse I don't have any scrap material at work) and it's looking pretty good for my first one!
i gota make that for my girlfriend. :)

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