Picture of How to make a kanzashi (folded fabric) flower pin
These make lovely pins or hair clips. A couple of these make a nice gift by themselves or as package topper. (This tutorial was originally posted by me on Craftster.)

Step 1: Gather materials

You will need:
Fabric remnant
Matching thread
Sewing needle
Decorative button or earring for center
Glue gun and glue sticks
Pin back or hair clip

Step 2: Cut fabric squares

Picture of Cut fabric squares
Cut your fabric into squares. The size of the square determines the size of your flower. You can use all the same size or different sizes in the same flower. I chose to use 3 1/2 inch and 2 1/2 inch squares and alternated them in my flower for variety. The number of squares you will need will also vary depending on how many petals you want and how thick your fabric is. The flower in this demo uses 7 large and 7 small squares of light weight cotton fabric.

Step 3: Fold in half diagonally

Picture of Fold in half diagonally
Fold a square in half diagonally, right side facing out.

Step 4: Fold in half again

Picture of Fold in half again
Fold it again diagonally in half.

Step 5: Push in center portion

Picture of Push in center portion
Holding it in your left hand with the side made of two folded edges up, push the corner of the other side up between the two wings and fold to create an even smaller triangle.

If you are confused at this point, you can also try an alternative method. Follow this link. Follow steps 1 and 2 from this origami instruction, then fold in half so that triangular flaps are on the outside.

Step 6: Fold both side flaps up

Picture of Fold both side flaps up
You should have a triangle with raw edges on one side, two folded edges on another side and three folded edges on the last side. With the three folded edges up, we need to fold the outer wings up so that their edges are flush with the others.

Step 7: Sew through tip

Picture of Sew through tip
Sew through all layers at the raw edge end. When I say sew, I mean just stick the needle in and pull it out the other side, do not actually make any stitches.

Step 8: Cut off excess

Picture of Cut off excess
Cut the excess raw edge off of the longer flaps. They will just get in your way later when assembling more petals.

Step 9: Repeat to make additional petals

Picture of Repeat to make additional petals
Continue on to the next petal, stacking them up and cutting off the ends. Then the hard part is over and it wasn't even that hard. You will notice that the petals have an A side and a B side. Either side can be the good side, it gives you options. But unless having two different looking petals as your plan, make sure when stringing them together that they are all the same side up.

*Tip- When stringing your petals, you use the same technique as stringing popcorn for garland. Don't tie off between each one, this will lead to mess and is just too much work when it can be done so much more easily. When you have the right amount strung on the thread, you can bring the two ends of the thread together, arrange your petals and tie the two ends together, but not too tightly lest the flower shrivel up and go wonky.

Step 10: Tie off thread and glue center

Picture of Tie off thread and glue center
This flower took 7 small and 7 large petals. You can use as many as you like. When you have enough petals strung together, just tie off your thread. I like to make a glob of hot glue and dab it into the center of the back, this gives the flower more stability and it will keep its shape. Then on top of this glob, I place my pin back or hair clip.

*Tip- Yes, there will be a hole. It is ok. This allows your flower to be more circular and regular-looking. We deal with the hole in this manner: Fill with hot-glue blob, cover pretty side with a button, large sequin, felt flower, bottle cap, knocked-out tooth, picture of your dog, a penny, a ribbon rosette, anything. And put your pin back/hair clip into the back of the glue blob, thus anchoring it securely and safely in the gentle caress of the hot-glue.

Step 11: Add embellishment to center

Picture of Add embellishment to center
Then put something cute on the center front to disguise the hole. Get creative! Buttons, old clip-on earrings with the backs removed, appliqués and felt shapes are some ideas to get you started. Anything you can hot glue or sew on will do nicely.
ravenking3 years ago
You made a very beautiful flower pin. :)
I was thinking about making stamen. I bought these long silver pins with blunt points that are supposed to be used for jewelry making. Then I threaded a pearly bead, followed by a clear earring back. The wire bends easily enough, so for attachment, I was planning to poke the pin into the fabric, make a loop, and add a few stitches.
stpete736 years ago
Thank you very much for the wonderful project!! I had heard of these before but not been able to find the instruct's for them.....thanks a bunch!!! Can't wait to make these......TON's of ideas for these:) Great instructs!
caphouse6 years ago
I like it very much .I took long time search such as class. very good
Amaya4356 years ago
The instructions are great and easy to follow. Thank you!
28ukulele7 years ago
This is a great and ez project! Thank you! It will help me to add an extra touch to the purses I make/sell! Gracias!
kmpeltier7 years ago
this is really cute! I am making one out of notebook paper for practice (and beacuse I don't have any scrap material at work) and it's looking pretty good for my first one!
bobbyk8818 years ago
i gota make that for my girlfriend. :)