Do you want to spice up your room? If you like kawaii stuff or cute things this is a good idea to decorate your bed.

All you need for this project is:

-Something round for the pattern (like a dish)
-White fabric (I'm using regular fabric)
-Black fabric (I'm using fur fabric)
-Little squares of felt of different colors: red, light green, dark green and yellow, in my case
-Foam of different colors for the face: black and light pink, in my case
-Scissors, fabric glue, thread and needle, and something for the stuffing (I 'm using cotton)

The measurements of my pillow are:

Diameter of the front and back circle parts (white fabric): 25 cm/9.84 inches
We have two pieces of this. We leave 1cm/0,5 inches of seam allowance.

Width of the side parts (black fabric): 10 cm/3.94 inches
Length of the side parts  (black fabric):39 cm/ 15.35 inches
We have two pieces of this. We leave 1cm/0,5 inches of seam allowance.

Side length of the felt squares: 5 cm/2 inches (no seam allowance).

I made this pillow as one of the items of my entry for  HapyFriendsShoppe's All Crafts Contest. Watch the whole entry here:
I watch your channel on youtube your really good at crafts
<p>It's very cute. I will give it to my best friend. Thank you so much ^^</p>
<p>WOW!!!! That's so awesome! It is the first time someone shows me a recreation of one of my DIYs!! It turned out great!!! Your friend will be very happy :D</p>
<p>Thank you ^^</p>
That is adorable!
Thanks!! ^-^

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