How to Make a Klick Quick Button





Introduction: How to Make a Klick Quick Button


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Step 1: In Today's Video I'm Going to Show You a Great Idea of How to Make a Quick Button for a Cell-phone or a Tablet at Home.

Step 2: Click Push Button Lately Has Become Very Popular As It's Really a Very Useful and Convenient Gadget.

Step 3: Click Quick Button Is Not Very Expensive, But the Point Is Not in the Price, But in the Availability.

Step 4: Now You Don't Need to Think Where to Buy or How to Deliver Goods to Your Country.

Step 5: As a Handmade Button for Your Mobile-phone or Tablet Can Be Done by Yourself at Your Home.

Step 6: A Little Bit of Patience, Some Instruments and the Video of Roman Ursu Will Help You. I Will Appreciate Very Much Repost of This Video As I Consider This Idea As an Extraordinarily Cool in the Field of Hand Made Crafts.



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    Sir this app is I can't find on play store quick button


    Use the titles in each step to explain what to do, not to make more propaganda of the product.
    This is Instructables, not Tumblr.

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    Agreed. I missed some more detailed information on which parts of the button I should cut or if any P2 plug will work.

    О, Урсу на буржуйском.

    I like that you put the shrink wrap on it, makes it a lot cleaner than another I saw on Instructables, but it's still a lot bulkier than a .5 USD (shipped) button ordered from China

    Cool proof of concept, but the commercial version is perfect to leave in the phone (I own one).

    As far as the speaker goes, I don't know about Pressy, but the Jakcom app asks if it is headphones or the button, so it plays through the regular speaker when you use the button.

    2015-09-15 10.36.21.jpg
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    Im with you here. I have one from China. Love it. Paid $.50. I suppose this shows the process of design?

    The device looks good and the instructions were clear. But you never told us what this device does or how to use it. Please add additional information to this instructible. If it does what I suspect, then I really need one of these. It might even be the solution to a problem that a lot of older people experience. So please tell us more about this device.

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    if you tuuk time to look at the video you would know everithing !

    The video does not have Closed Caption for hearing impaired persons.

    Great idea but you can't use the speakers while this is plugged in

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    i think it is too plug only when needed... you don't listen to music same time you take photos, i think, or ?

    I believe that you would get the Pressy app from the Google Play store. This would give you a GUI with which to program the button to perform various functions. It's pretty cool when all together.

    Yeah, I would also like knowing what this does

    Awesome man! I know your channel on Youtube!