It throws peices everywhere.
It actually stings if you get hit by it.
Pain is different depending on what rubberbands you use.
Be sure to throw hard dont just drop it.

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Step 1: Parts You Need

read the captions to find how many you need.

Step 2: Make Middle

This is is what the two halves attatch to.
Just look at the pictures.

Step 3: Top Halves

the next step will be connecting the halves to the base

Step 4: Connect Halves to Base

just what it sounds like

Step 5: The Tripwire

this is optional you could just throw it.

Step 6: The Stand

This is pretty straightforward.
Build it from the picture.

Step 7: Put Splodies in (optional)

heres a link on how to make splodies.www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-knex-splodie/
This is optional so dont if you dont
want to.
Just put them in the halves of the bomb.
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<p>OMG that is soooo cool!</p>
that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when you put the splodies in pieces fly everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you think it would work if you used the small green rods and put a bunch of splodies in it????? amazing explosion that would be.
thats a good idea will do
on step 2, dont u mean DONT USE RODS!? nice bomb!
lmao yes good catch ill change that
subscribe to me and ill subscribe to you!<br />
cool<br />
<p>thx man</p>
no problem!<br />

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