How to Make a Knex Bazooka




Introduction: How to Make a Knex Bazooka

This an easy bazooka that my cousin made and its my first instructable so please do not make a bad comment on it.

Step 1: The Frame

You have to make 2 of these frames.

Step 2: Bullet Shot Frame

Its easier than it looks

Step 3: Add Blue Sticks

add blue sticks to the frame

Step 4: Add the Bullet Slide

snapthe bullet slide between the blue and grey circles.

Step 5: Adding the Rubberband

add the rubberband

Step 6: Bullet Placement

put the rubberband on the end of the bullet then pull out the 2 blue pieces connected to the red and the white stick



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    that's got to be hard

    he got that name off of apple jax

    You could advertise my favorite breakfast food, sir!

    Lol, "I am Cinnamon"? I think I_am_canadian. Anyways, its not too new, not too bad, though. You might want to add some sort of handle to it, too.

    Well, It sorta already has one. sorta.

    im saying if you put a get the picture...