This is an instruction on how to make a marble shooter or any other thing u want to put in it. It is not hard to make so please spend five minutes or so making it. DO NOT SHOOT ANYTHING AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS!

Step 1: Materials List for Shooter

Rubber bands 1-3
4 yellow
6 small green
2 long grey
1 small white
2 medium blue
4 yellow
6 red
6 green
2 orange

Step 2: Do It Your Self

Sorry u will have to figure it out your self p.s this is my first instuctable next one will be better 2008

Step 3: Watch and Learn

put the marble in the red bit in the front pull back and fire sometimes it does go real far u might be surprised sorry about the video might not work opps do not know how to get video in sorry again
Cool Sexy Gun!!!!
im sorry
Hi, this isn't all that great. Too simple and trying to understand the instructable hurt my head.
hello again i mean pretty good marble shooter & comment please or change it around my email is dangunman@hotmail.com
Hi pretty good comment please

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