Introduction: How to Make a Knex Rifle Bipod

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hi, hello, this is my first (i think) ible.
its for a rifle bipod-knex of course
plz rate and comment

Step 1: Base Bit

Picture of Base Bit

make this-a, b, and c are all of the same thing
a)make 2
b)make two
c)make two
d)just make it-the bit at the top is pic f
e)a different view of d.

put together-pic d shows how

Step 2: Make Base Taller Bit

Picture of Make Base Taller Bit

two pic a's (pic b, and c are close ups of the end)
a pic d (pic e, and f are different views)
and pics G, H and I are how to put it together.


Picture of ASSEMBLY!

just follow the pictures.
make sure that the bars from step 2 are on the red connectors that move-the egdes should be near the blue bar-the last pic shows that!

Step 4: Folding.

Picture of Folding.

follow the pics- they fold it, then unfold it.

Step 5: Connecting to Rifle

Picture of Connecting to Rifle

connecting the bipod to a rifle-ill use the one i made this bipod for as an example.
the width of the bipod can change, but it was made for one like mine
however, bipod can be edited by enlenthening/shortening the width bars
a)what it joins to
b)line it up
c)click it in
d)it should be held in place

Step 6: Any Comments?

please post comment, on the instructible itself, on the instructions, or on the bipod
also, please comment with knex gun links!(not youtube-my mum doesnt let me on youtube    :(:(:(:(  )
any ideas/mods to my bipod will be welcomed.
Thanks for reading


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~KGB~ (author)2010-07-29

looks stable!

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