How to Make a Large Wooden Compass




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Introduction: How to Make a Large Wooden Compass

A compass is often used as a symbol of precision and discernment.

I like to use a compass for woodworking, the points make it easy to get precise measurements and for marking distances repeatably and very accurately. It has a spring action all made from wood and a fine adjust screw.

This is a very simple woodworking project and one that I will certainly use often. The reach is slightly over 1 foot. I really like many different measuring tools and this one is a keeper. An easy woodworking tool that can be made in less than 1 hour.

Step 1:



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    Simple, elegant and useful! Next you could try making a caliper for turning wood!

    that spring mechanism's brilliant, might use it for a set of wooden salad tongs. thanks Jack

    Just a thought, might it be a good idea to drill some relief holes at the end of the spring cuts? as I understand it adding a circular hole to the end of a cut helps reduce the chance of the wood splitting.

    Nice! I made a large compass a while ago, but it is not near as nice as yours. This looks like an excellent design! I may need to remake mine now... ;)

    Thanks for sharing this!

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    Thanks, good luck with your remake, let me know how it goes.