I've been wanting to make my own bow for a while and I had been reading up on it for a couple weeks when I decided to give it a go. I figured I'd make a pyramid bow based on Tool Using Animal 's instructable, found here . (Props to him by the way. Great instructions. I just didn't follow them very well)

To give you a heads up, I did not end up with a pyramid bow, and the bow I ended up with has about a 30 lb draw, but I decided to put this here so others could learn from my mistakes, or maybe adapt what I came up with to suit their needs.

This is what I ended up with...

Step 1: Gather Materials

I started out with :

1x3x8 oak
tape measure
Stanley SurForm wrasp/plain thing (good for shaping wood, and actually used it to remove up to about 1/4-3/8" at various times)

I ended up also using:

Table saw
Bow saw
Bench vise
Wood Glue
3/8" dowel
Drill w/ 3/8" bit

...may hav forgotten 1 or 2 things...

Ha, you had better luck than on the bow I was working on! I had made a two layer bow (I don't remember quite the woods I used but it wasn't cheap)... Anyways I had it almost finished...and in a hurry to test it, I didn't let the glue dry nor did I tiller it... anyways I strung it - it was ok.. I started to pull on the bow string and SNAP! the wood split rendering all the work I did pointless... looking back I should have let the glue dry longer or just do a single layer type bow, I should have added reinforcing pins/pegs.. and I probably should have tillered it once I strung it... oh well - I gave up for now on making a bow and bought a small bow...(child's - but perfect for practice) though I couldn't find a basic bow (though I was at the Evil Empire (Wal-mart)..instead of someplace better suited...) So I got the one I found for about 25$ not too bad for a little compound bow, that's good for practice.. though I have to say it's going to take quite a bit of practice to master as I have never used a compound bow before...<br>
for a good place to start , try www.poorfolkbows.com !
I've found its good to practice relatively close to start with, and then increase your distance after a few shots. i.e start at 10 paces and them increase to 20 to 25.
Thanks for sharing your experience making this. Sometimes the best Instructables are the ones which help us learn from others' mistakes!

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