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In this instructable we will go through a step by step process on how to make your very own leather wallet.  I created my entire project at Techshop Menlo Park. I found some really nice pieces of leather in their bin wall and I used CorelDraw to make a file so I could use the CO2 lasers to cut my pieces out.  After they were all cut out I used the industrial sewing machine to sew all my pieces together to make my wallet!

Step 1: Making your files

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I decided that I wanted three internal pockets so I made the front piece, two different size dividers and the part that would be the back piece to the wallet on one file.  I made sure to make them big enough to fit a dollar bill inside without having to fold it.  On a separate file I made a piece so I could have a pocket on the back as well.  I wanted to put a fun design on it as well so I simply searched the internet until I found one that I liked and did some bitmap work on it so the laser could read it.  I loved the design because you could personalize it by adding whatever text you want in the middle! 
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That looks amazing! I would love to laser cut leather; great idea and design! You have to enter this into the Fashion Contest :)