Step 3: Preparing your pieces for sewing

Picture of Preparing your pieces for sewing
So it may look strange and I'm sure you could use other types of glue but this is a great trick!  My friend who is a sewing genius told me that the best way to keep your pieces in the exact spot you want to sew them is to apply a little bit of glue between the layers.  To avoid damaging your needle and getting glue all over it, apply your glue appropriately.  I just made a boarder of glue a smidgen over from were I would actually be sewing.  I put some heavy books on top of the layers after I was done gluing so it would set up nicely.  As you can see in the picture it worked great!

After my glue was dry I headed over to the industrial sewing machine.  I brought with me some scrap leather that I folded up so I could test out my machine settings before moving onto my wallet.  This is highly recommended so you do not run into issues while your sewing your wallet.
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