Picture of How to make a led sign board
On sunday i was feeling bored so thought to make this its easy to make and just need few things
hey guys i hav added some new photos of this project and more cool things

Step 1: Things you need :-

Picture of Things you need :-
acrylic sheet (i used a broken transparent writing pad for this project)
bicolor led or any led u like
tracing paper or a OHP sheet 
100 ohm resistor 
9v connector and battery
tools :-
soldering rod and wire 
mini drill machine 

Awesome idea there!!... :D.... (Y)
Pranavthegreat (author)  Siddharth Jain2 years ago
thank you for ur comment do u hav any problem in my project?

problem???.....no!!!.... :D
told ya.....it's an amazing idea!!... :D
Pranavthegreat (author) 3 years ago
thnxx for ur idea i do this next time as i didn t have time that time
samalert3 years ago
nice use of the PAD :P

few improvements over this are use sand paper grind the ends will give a very good look. Also rather than using 2LEDs use 1 bright LED with higher lumens and using those big boxes of batteries buy 2small coin cells the one used in watches and can turn ur thing to a key chain............. i tried it and looked GREAT.....!!!!