Introduction: How to Make a Lego Stopmotion Using a Webcam

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today im going to show you how to make a lego stopmotion (or clay) using a webcam. so here we go!

what you need....

1. a webcam.
2. Legos or clay.
3. a PC or MAC.
4. one or two lamps.

IMPORTANT!!!!! READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now go to and download the free version of SAM animation.

Step 1: Create New Project

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once its downloaded, open it. It should look something like fig. 1.

NOW, plug in your webcam to the computer and [click create new project]. Name it. and click create project. it should look like fig. 2

Step 2: Setup.

Picture of Setup.

first of all you NEED lighting. get your stuff set up and turn on the lamps. without proper lighting the movie will look hooible.. just saying...

now tap the space bar and move you're lego (or any character) just slightly. tap, move. tap, move. tap, move. tap, move. tap.

Step 3: Getting Ready to Edit!!!!

Picture of Getting Ready to Edit!!!!

once you have taken a lot of pictures, click the play button and see what its like. you can make it fast and slow too. :)

 if you think your done and ready to edit, click [share] in the top right corner and then click [open in quick time]

in fig. 2 you see you need to click.. FILE  - -  SAVE AS - - (name it)- - SAVE.

Step 4: EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW ITS TIME TO EDIT!!!!!!! search your computer for the video and open it in IMovie/MovieMaker AND ADD MUSIC AND SOUNDS AND VOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE. im not going to show you how to edit because imovie and movie maker are sooooo easy to use....

Step 5: Export and Become Famous!!!!

Picture of Export and Become Famous!!!!

now export your movie and maybe even put it on youtube and become famous!!!!!!!!



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