This is a machine that could be loads of things. It's basicly a machine that buzzes each time you press a secret switch but it DOES look cool! you can decorate it too to make it look MORE cool! Happy buzzing!

Step 1: You Will Need:


1x wooden square (base)
1x long thick copper wire with no insulation on (finger holder)
4x long thin copper wire with insulation
1x buzzer (12 volt)
1x 9 volt battery
2x paperclips
2x copper nails
2x short screws (length shorter than depth of base)
duck tape
1x elastic band (or thin string)

Tools and bits:

wire stripper
soldering iron
saw (if you need to cut the wood)
double sided sticky pads
about finger size tube

thanks, guys. I don't know about you but I think the microcontroler is a good idea. how about sticking it on your door so it looks like one of those access to your door things? Ben (age 9)
you need to solder a microcontroller in there somewhere. dosnt have to do anything, but it makes your "lie detector" look more believable.
wow thats real funny

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