Step 2: Preparation

Get some boards. I used left over hardwood floor boards.
Cut them to desired height and width.
Make a pointy thing on the top.
Then make a frame, you can use any long boards, i used 1x2 boards.(i think). I used 2x4s for the ones that went into the ground.
quite FENCy (phun intended:p)
Very nicely done. It came out really well. Great use of materials and tools.
Sweet! Look forward to doing this... in my room. :-)<br/><br/><sub>Seriously, I'm not kidding.</sub><br/>
That's a very neat job - are you planning to put anything behind the fence? Plant pots, for instance?<br/><br/>If you want to improve the Instructable, maybe break up step two into several steps - I have never used a table saw or a compound mitre saw, and it would have been interesting to see more of the <em>how</em> as well as the result.<br/><br/>Also, did the wood need any treatment to help it survive the elements, or is your second Instructable going to be &quot;How to paint a picket fence&quot;?<br/><br/><sub>That <em>is</em> a picket fence, isn't it?</sub><br/>
Thanks, and yes i will plant something behind it. I will paint the fence later on, just haven't done it yet. Yes, it is a picket fence.
Actually, I've never used a nail gun either. I feel deprived.
It could be done with just hand tools. A saw and a mitre box would do the cutting, and a regular old hammer and nails would work for attching. Sure, it's MUCH easier and MUCH faster with the power tools, but they aren't required. Also, I would create a spacer of some sort. Nail up a fence "tine", then hold the spacer next to it, and put up the next fence "tine". Nail it, and repeat.
i forgot to mention that, i did make a spacer, i took two boards and nailed them together.

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