I am going to teach you how to make a login form in Visual Basics. These can be used for a bunch of things, such as if you are making an email program, you can keep it protected by using this, or if you are making a VB operating system, you can lock your account with this. Lets get to it!

Step 1: Creating the Form

Make a form and remove the text and change "Show Icon" to false. You don't have to disable the icon, but in my opinion, it looks much nicer without it.

<p>It works but the form 2 doesn't open and the error code just comes up. Help please</p>
<p>i made it :)</p><p>thanks :)</p>
<p>hello! thanks for the log in tutorial..</p><p>i am hoping that can you make another tutorial for the sign up form? which i can save the data.. i don't know how to do it. thank you :)</p>
How are you? <br>Thanks for such help☺ My task is to create a health club database using VB.NET. <br>This is my 1st time doing this, by following you, I managed to get through the pass stage; I need extra marks like merit or distinction. In doing so, I will definitely need to add extra features and i really need your help! I just learned one from you, e.g the login page but you didn't add tutorial for the &quot;Access&quot;.<br>Can you please give me list of other features that i can add to my health club?
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<p> nice codes.. it helps me .... </p><p>by the way can you show me step by step how to create and add an icon??? </p>
<p>did not open the login form opened form</p>
<p>At the time of making the tutorial, all of the code worked. Are you certain you copied it entirely? If you're using this with a newer VB, things may be different so it might not work.</p>
<p>Great code! I love it!</p>
<p>Thanks! Its doing quite well for something I made when I was twelve haha</p>
<p>i have a question . how do i make an actual useable login screen . like one where a person can create his own user and password . This is for my ICT project . so would really appreciate all the help i can get. here is my email ID &quot;andrewtrow@gmail.com &quot;. any help can be sent to my email . Thanks :)</p>
<p>Hello! Sorry for the late response. I haven't used VB in a very long time, so I'm not sure. Sorry!</p>

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