Introduction: How to Make a Long-term Exposure With a Digicam From the Discounter.

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Many people doesn't know, that even a Digicam can make great Photos with long-term exposure.
I've make many night Photos or others with a 5.25 mP cam from Aldi.
It's a Traveller DC-5300.

P.s.: This is my first instractable,
and sorry for my englisch

Step 1: A Hard Place to Stay

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First, you need a stabile stand vor the cam, or you get blurred pictures.
You can use a desk-stand or a better, but expensiver stand.

Step 2: Use the Right Mode

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Now, on the upper left, you can see the "Mode-wheel".
Use "M".

Step 3: Now, Lets Begin

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This is the Screen, you see first.
The lightning needs to be turned off, because its disturbing nightphotos.

Step 4: The Exposure Time

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Now, use the wheel on the side, to set the exposure time at which you want.
This cam has the max. of 8 sec exposure

Step 5: Change the Aperture

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Now, the aperture needs to be changed:
Put it to max (F/2.8) it will be brighter, but with less deep-sharpness.
Put it to min (F/6.7) it will be darker, but with mor deep-sharpness.
The values can be different at each cam.

Step 6: The Stand

Picture of The Stand

Now, put it on the stand, you have, and activate the selftimer on 2 or 10 sec., and shoot the photo.
The selftimer because if you shoot without it, your picture will be blurred.
Now enjoy.

Step 7: Samples

Picture of Samples

Here are two samples, the first one i made in the Alps, used 8 sec and F/2.8,
the second is Cygnus and the Milky way, which is processed in a freeware prog.
In bigger they are here:
and here:


sconner1 (author)2011-11-07

Great! I have to see if my camera has these adjustments.

Darkshot (author)2008-08-10

Thanks for the tip ;) been wondering how to do this with my camra for awhile now

heinz1357 (author)2007-08-28

Hi, i've loaded up two samples i made with this cam. And the big tripod is a CULLMAN, the small is a REPORTER, but you can at both pull aut the legs.

Junooni (author)2007-08-27

how about some samples?

PetervG (author)2007-08-27

What tripod is that big one?

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