How to Make a Loom Band on Fork





Introduction: How to Make a Loom Band on Fork

In this tutorial I am going to be show you how to make an easy loom band using a fork!

So lets get started

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

(1) Loom bands (any color of your choice)

(2) A fork

(3) A loom stick

(4) And some time

Step 2: Starting the Bracelate

First of all,take a loom band and put it on one side of te fork.Then twist it and put it on the middle side of the fork.Then do the same to the end.

Step 3: ....... '.'

Then take a loom band and repeat step 1 .Then take the down loom band (shown here yellow) and put it on the other loom band (shown here orange).Then do the same to the other sides as shown in above.

Step 4: Repeat the Same Step Again...

Take another loom band (shown here blue) and twist it in the same way.Then put the down loom band (shown here orange) and put it on the other loom band (shown here blue).

Repeat the same step until the desired length is done.

Step 5: Finishing the Bracelate

When you reach at the end so take your loom stick and grab the loom band (shown here pink) in the loom stick.Then add a white loom band and take a hook.Connect the both sides from the hook and done.

Step 6: Done!!!!

Your bracelate is ready!




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    This bracelet was really neat! I think it looks great. good instructions

    Thank you! If you want more instructables then I would love to make . :-)