How to Make a Loom Snake Charm





Introduction: How to Make a Loom Snake Charm

Hello everyone, todoy I'll be showing you how to make the snake loom charm as a request on my charms video, I hopw you like it and have fun making it!

Step 1: Materials:

For this vharm you will need:
*A loom
*A crochet or rainbow loom hook
*12 black bands
8 white bands
one red or pink band
about 56 main color bands

Step 2: Beggining the Placing of the Body

Step 3: Placing and Looming

Step 4: Finishing Up

Do all of the steps and take it off. Now you are fone! Hope you liked it and please don't forget to ♥, comment and follow, see you next time :)



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    was this unclear to anyone else or just me?? how do you make the head... I'm confused

    I've made my 'ible for the snake now! Hope you will find it helpful!

    (Sorry I've replied 2 months after)At the moment I am making an instructable on how to do this, I just happened to come across this right now. If you want to see my instructions on how to make this then I will publish it soon! (btw you can make the snake into a bracelet too!)


    you should write the steps down too these pictures aren't clear

    Thank you so much i loved it!!<3

    You're welcome I am glad you likwd it! If you want anything else just tell me !