Hello everyone, todoy I'll be showing you how to make the snake loom charm as a request on my charms video, I hopw you like it and have fun making it!

Step 1: Materials:

For this vharm you will need:
*A loom
*A crochet or rainbow loom hook
*12 black bands
8 white bands
one red or pink band
about 56 main color bands

Step 2: Beggining the Placing of the Body

Step 3: Placing and Looming

Step 4: Finishing Up

Do all of the steps and take it off. Now you are fone! Hope you liked it and please don't forget to ♥, comment and follow, see you next time :)
was this unclear to anyone else or just me?? how do you make the head... I'm confused
<p>I've made my 'ible for the snake now! Hope you will find it helpful!</p>
<p>(Sorry I've replied 2 months after)At the moment I am making an instructable on how to do this, I just happened to come across this right now. If you want to see my instructions on how to make this then I will publish it soon! (btw you can make the snake into a bracelet too!)</p>
you should write the steps down too these pictures aren't clear
cute charm! <br>
<p>Thank you so much i loved it!!&lt;3</p>
You're welcome I am glad you likwd it! If you want anything else just tell me !

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