it's so easy and fun, very worthwhile for invitations , letters and just as a fun afternoon .

Step 1: Making the Envelopes

First thing is to find paper, not too heard , we have lot's of it lying around, if you want , next to photocopy mahines there are always papers that people left , they can make original works that look great..

making the envelope yourself , enables you to make it whatever shape you want ,

one basic evnelope could be made out of a square piece of paper /
fold the corners in , glue , and it's done. you can put masking tape to make it stronger,

This is <strong>SUCH </strong>a good idea!!! now when i have nothing to do i can set up my envelopes put on some music and <strong>SPLAT!!!</strong> away!! ^.^ :D thnx for the great idea ^.^
I don't really get how to <strong>make/fold</strong> the letters...<br/>
Very Ralph Steadman! I like it. :D
Looks great! You could also do this to perk up boring store-bought envelopes.

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