How to make a lot of cool envelopes from scratch

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it's so easy and fun, very worthwhile for invitations , letters and just as a fun afternoon .

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Step 1: Making the envelopes

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First thing is to find paper, not too heard , we have lot's of it lying around, if you want , next to photocopy mahines there are always papers that people left , they can make original works that look great..

making the envelope yourself , enables you to make it whatever shape you want ,

one basic evnelope could be made out of a square piece of paper /
fold the corners in , glue , and it's done. you can put masking tape to make it stronger,

Step 2: Now, lay your envelopes

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you can tidy them on something that could get dirty, you can put newspapers underneath, or pages that could be used for extra envelopes..

Step 3: Coloring,..

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this step you can do it however you feel, experiment, be free to express yourself,
put on some music that makes you move..

i organised some colores in small cups .you can take the cheapest colores dissolve them in a bit of water, and start splashing them on the envelopes

Step 4: Refining

now slowly take the nice ones out and refine them slowly,
when i want them to dribble i blow air on them so there will be lines and splash/bleed marks
you can use markers , glue pictures on them or any other creation you want .

the next thing you can do is to send them!!

enjoy this tention breaking activity, let you kids do it when they are tence.
It makes fun letters to send and get..
melynia5 years ago
This is SUCH a good idea!!! now when i have nothing to do i can set up my envelopes put on some music and SPLAT!!! away!! ^.^ :D thnx for the great idea ^.^
ANTQNUT6 years ago
I don't really get how to make/fold the letters...
Very Ralph Steadman! I like it. :D
canida6 years ago
Looks great! You could also do this to perk up boring store-bought envelopes.