I can already imagine smiles and thoughts of some people concerning the fact that it's easier to bye a soda water in a supermarket)) I quite agree! However, this section is named: “make it with your own hands”, so let's try to make it by ourselves!


Step 1: To Do Such a Machine for Soda Water You Need!!!

Step 2: Reaction!!!

In order to make a delayed reaction, we wrap soda into the napkin and put it into the bottle of vinegar. We will be able to close a lid before the start of gas emission in order not to lose a portion of carbon dioxide.
During mixing of carbon dioxide and water you need to shake the bottle intensely for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Voila - a Machine for Soda Water!!!

In such a way I succeed to make a soda compote =) or a home made light carbonated water!
One of the western firms even sells such a device, and we made it with our own hands!

<p>Be proud !</p>

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