Introduction: How to Make a Male Angel Halo.

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I made this because the halo nimbus is serious headwear! We are in heaven now, we wear halo's. 

Materials Needed.

1 plastic halo nimbus
1 wooden rod
1hard duty needal
2 20 gage wire
1 roll of color duck tape
1 plastic retanglar piece
1 pair of wire pliers
1 roll of cloth material
1 box cutter

Step 1: 1

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1 Take F and rip off a 2in sq  piece. Place piece of F, onto A.

Step 2: 2

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 Draw 5 dots on A like so

Step 3: 3

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 Take out J, and C cut center dot with j

Step 4: 4

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 Poke other 4 dots with C. you will have five holes

Step 5: 6

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 take I and wrap around A. start on an side of the piece of F.

Step 6: 7

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7 wrap all around

Step 7: 8

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8 take G

Step 8: 9

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9 Put B thru G

Step 9: 10

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 wrap F around G

Step 10: 11

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Get A and G

Step 11: 12

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 Wrap A completely

Step 12: 13

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Take c and Poke two Holes parallel to each other

Step 13: 14

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 Insert D in one Hole and then E into the other hole.

Step 14: 15

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Poke D, E thru A in the hole drawn earlyer

Step 15: 16

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twist d, e tight and cut with H then fold

Step 16: Crack for Love and Grab the Headband. It's Halo Nimbus Time.

Picture of Crack for Love and Grab the Headband. It's Halo Nimbus Time.

Close your eyes and see the halo and the whole experience in the minds eye. now imagine that the halo is suddenly shining bright gold light, and you hear a crack. It is now radiating love. Thank You.

You will also need to add a hairbow or headband.


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