Picture of How to make a man fall in love
Ok, so you asked for it. This will be a bruitally honest guide to some things you can do (as a Female pursuing a man) to promote feelings of love for you from a man.

Please keep in mind there will always be a degree of "Chemistry" involved but this guide will explain some actions you could take to "Mix the chemicals up" a bit.

WARNING: I will do my best to keep this PG-13 but it will contain some sexual references.

Please also note that this is a no B.S. tutorial. Some of this will come off a bit sexist and entirly what you can do for him to encourage attraction.
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Step 1: Minimum System Requirments

Picture of Minimum System Requirments
Ask, most any man about going for a girl and he will probably reference the "league" the girl he is going for is in, or the 1-10 scale. This same idea applies for women. the only difference is(baring the few "exceptions") men go after women generally plus or minus 1 there league, women on the other hand can quite easily date plus 3 or more there league. For example if you would consider yourself a 6 on the 1-10 scale you could reasonable pursue a male 8 or 9. keeping in mind the more above your league the man the more you will need to put on the table.

to keep this tutorial to a reasonable length and within the PG-13 standard, I will recommend you keep within plus 2 your league or below.

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JamieW324 days ago

I know you've probably heard it 1000 times before but just be yourself,
you'll be much happier in the long run this way. Besides, if he doesn't
love the real you then he's not worth your time anyway.

if you're really interested in a guy and you want to impress him, there
are ways to make him literally addicted to you. There's an online guide
by Lisa Harris and she shares tips to make him adore you, plus the 4
biggest mistakes that most women make (Guilty!) You can find the guide

I hope this helps!

I really agree
Deanie_yap27 days ago

Be yourself is something I totally agree with, but the real problem is most of the women out there have no idea how to be themselves. Since childhood they were educated to behave, to study hard and get good grades so that they 'qualify' as good girls. When these young girls grew up, they don't know what they really want in life because in their entire life they have been educated or asked to adopt a lifestyle that suits the model of 'a good employee' or 'a good wife' or 'a good mother' or whatever.....The consequences - They often need to get approval and validation from their partners to prove their self-worth. So the crucial thing is - Get to know yourself (before you can be yourself), then set your standards as to how do you want to live, live your life and be yourself!! Men then will fall for you.

JamieW32 months ago

Some useful tips in this article, also never be too needy!

Awesome post there. Was browsing through the new, since the Valentine's day is nearing.

There are several tips on other places, but liked this one a lot.

But, reading through everything was something I wan't able to do.

Just went thought this video and it made it easy for me to get some good tips while I was on the go.

This is the video I went through:

hi , i want to ask if is it ok to love a man who is under me it means that iam for instance 6/10 and he is 4/10 knowing that i fell for him because he is so warm and he cares so much for me

daisym4 months ago

well relationships are hard yes but there more men in the world I just broke up with my man yesterday. I didn't want to I loved him so much but all my friends keep saying that he's not for me I didn't want to listing till I found out he was chiding on me with two other girls. when I told him he didn't dyeing it he said ok .I want a relationship were it will last a long time that he will love me for me and not my body he just has to be nice and we have to figth for a reason not just beacause that will be like the perfect relationship.

Interesting guide. I agree with a lot in here. I also admire self confidence. I wish more women were outgoing. Women so often discount themselves, not knowing how beautiful they really are. Thanks for sharing.

bardd.awdur6 months ago

i've dropped things. men do not notice. i've shown a little leg, a little cleavage, men do not notice. any other ideas?

While the idea of "making" anyone do anything against their wishes is a little bit weird, it is both possible and realistic to encourage someone subtly to feel a certain way about you, through being positive, reciprocal and caring. If you've fallen for a man you'd like to feel the same way about you, you have to know how to get on the same frequency with him... I know that this sounds really difficult but it isn't if you know how to do it.

My name is Sophie and I was really bad making men's fall in love with me, when I had to talk to any man I liked I got really nervous and lot of times it doesn't end well. But one day searching trought internet for some help on this field I found a very interesting site:

After viewing the video I decide to give it a try and use the tips I found there on my real life and OMG.. they're working!! I'm so satisfied and that's why I want to share it with all of you.

Take a look at it, I'm so sure you won't regret it.

the way i see it as a man... if it is oviose a guy is trying to make you smile or laght than he likes you/ excuse mt spelling
mommyof14 years ago
So other than perfume what are other ways to get him to think about you with out actually being obvious??
Well, there is hanging out with him in a small group of people and then getting you two secluded with the help of friends. I did this and it worked! See my comment.
Draw a little Doodle on Something He sees everyday.. Nothing all romantic just something that will make him smile..
Mauigerbil2 years ago
Worked. That's all I have to say. Plus, you know how they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well I bagged a keeper in 1 day just for smelling like lemon cupcakes and being awesome as I always am. I cannot stress how well this works!! (`ー´)
nixesha4 years ago
Oral herpes and genital herpes are two entirely different afflictions. Oral herpes cannot be transferred to genitalia. though genital herpes can be transferred to the mouth (as well as other places.) Also, around 85% of the American population over the age of twelve has oral herpes.
Herpes type 1 is usually found orally and herpes type 2 is found genitally. It IS possible to pass type 1 to a partner's genital region and visa versa, though the latter is much more unlikely.
As far as the frequency of occurrence (in the US) it is estimated that 70% of the population over the age of 12 has oral herpes (specifically type 1) and an estimated 25% that have genital herpes (specifically type 2).
This means that 1 in 5 people in the US over the age of 12 have genital herpes, or about 45 million people. 1 in 4 people in the US will contract a sexually transmitted infection in their lifetimes.

While the statistics sound scary, its important to realize that just because someone has an STI, doesn't mean that you will get it as well. Modern medications, like Valacylovir, if taken daily as suppressive therapy and paired with a condom reduces the risk of transferring it to around 4% (man to woman) or %2 (woman to man). Its all about being responsible with your body (whether you have an STI or not) and educating yourself about so you can take the proper precautions.

Also, in many cases someone who has had an outbreak will never have one again or they will decrease in severity as time goes on and your body builds antibodies to fight the virus.
Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 may appear near the genital or oral area. The name oral-herpes or genital-herpes only exists because of how often one type is seen in an area.
overblast4 years ago
Herpes is a general class of viruses. Many have nothing to do with sex, that is just one way of transmission. For example, shingles is a type of herpes. Some say it's not contagious, then how does it spread? Through any mucus contact with another mucus.
shingles is the reactivation of chicken pox when youre an adult
It's the same thing, as a child it's called chickenpox, as an adult, shingles. Both are caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Shingles is herpes zoster (source:

My doctor told me it was Shingles, and that it's part of the Herpes Simplex II family of viruses, so I'll have to go with that.

It's a disease you can get any time of life, it's not limited only to children.
lorax13 years ago
Lord, whoever wrote this article can't spell! It's not there, but their. It's not your but you're. It's not weather, but whether!!
So annoying!
lorax13 years ago
Whoever wrote this article spelled "there" wrong several times! Agghh. It's so annoying and such an elementary mistake. SPELL IT RIGHT!
Umm, how exactly can one calculate their own number? If it's something that you must ask your friends I guess I'm doomed since they aren't really into this sorta stuff.
A.Lois.View4 years ago
What is wrong with you people?
The poor guy has just written a totally useful account of how to 'make' a guy fall in love.
Surely you fellow women were also just browsing the net or looking for tips and were not expecting a knight to wisk you off your feet on your way to work in the morning?
I found all the tips and hits insightful and apriciate the insider opinion. (exactly what I was looking for)
I very much doubt any other women reading this could have tried to believe this article would solve all problems and ensure a perfect relationship - he is an author not a god!!!!

I was looking at this sight because I love my man and despite being positive he is in love with me I was looking for ways to make him feel apriciated. I love making my man feel like a man and I love making him happy, this article mearly points out things in the hope to highlight to us women the small things we often forget about.

Women are not perfect specimins we are the same as men. We want the same final out come as they do we just have a different thought pattern and different sensitivities.
Yes men hide thing from women, but don't kid yourself that you are open and honest to the core. I know for a fact I would never open up or share a personal life thought or experience with someone whom I believed was not particularly interested or wanted to make me feel 'less special'
If I wanted to be complimented by my man I would not wear my (I think) cute black skirt because although he would never be mean enough to tell me he hates the skirt he is not going to compliment me!
If I want to feel lusted by him I turn him on.
If I want to feel appriciated by him, I ask about something majorly important and sit and listen even when he bores me witless knowing it makes him happy.

I didn't mean to write so much I was just annoyed that people can be so blaming when others are trying to help.

Just try to think from your man's point of view. For example - this author - do any of you really, and I mean really think he wrote this to try to give women bad advice? No!! He was trying to help, even if you think he was wrong in what he has said, that doesn't change the simple fact HE was tryinh to HELP!!!!

Ladies if you give your everything into making your fella happy and dedicating him all your love and things are not amazing between you then he is probably the wrong fella. Otherwise he will see and apriciate what you do (men always see they just pick their moments to let you know) and recipricate in the best way he knows how.

Anyway thanks author - totally apriciated the read and your tips. I got exactly what I was looking for out of your article, and I hope these negative comments do not discourage you from writing like articles in future.
Katy314 years ago
I really liked the layout of this step by step article, very unique :)

And thank you LisaHarris, I absolutely loved the guide on your website. Ladies, check it out, it helped me out loadssss.

chicopluma4 years ago
im a man that get in here just for curiosity, but i think this tips can be very usefull for a girl. And to the ones that don`t understand the last point of step 4
its from a comedian, but i can tell you that what he says of the men is totally true, specially the nothing box.
chuckr444 years ago
I guess I'm not a typical man. I like my women strong and confident. Of course I like it when she does stuff for me, like get me a soda, and of course I will do things for her that she likes. But I don't like weak women that just wait for the man to do everything.

On a dating website, I don't ask too many women out. They need to make the first move and send me an email. That's how I tell their confidence level. And I've met some very nice women this way. Now that I know what I want, my relationships have been much more satisfying.
I truly like your article, because it makes me feel less like everything in my relationship is my fault. I truly am that girl, i leave him alone when he needs to be alone ( i have three brothers and have seen girls push themselves away). I really could care less what oprah, dr. phill or cosmo tells me how my relationship should be. I cook, clean, and "take care" of him in every way possible and he still is not happy with me... i need to give up on my marriage but i feel like id be giving up on ever having another one. Do single men not view single moms as baggage? (obviously that's not the only reason i stay with him, just a question)
Shelly3214 years ago
I think this guy is pretty honest and accurate.

The ability to make other people feel good is powerful. A woman can't do that if she is self centered.

Yes, this guy is sexist, but feminist are the same thing just applicable to a different gender.

People are unhappy in their marriages or anything else because of their own faults and false expectations, not anyone else's. Bottom line, if you want a person, you have to offer similar qualities, know how to make them feel good, and circumstances have to allow for a relationship.
chica3054 years ago
I'm a girl and I hate it when the guy asks me if there's anything wrong if I stop talking for a bit. I also like my alone time and privacy! I'm not going to share my secrets with you right away so just fuhget about it!
I just wanted to say that while yes this may come off a sexist, these are sure fire ways to boost your man's ego enough that he'll be wonderful to you too. For all the women out there who really don't want to boost their man's ego I suggest that you are in for a very unsatisfying love life. Relationships are all about giving, no not give and take, just giving... if you love your man you will give, if he loves you he will give, if the feeling is not apparently mutual then maybe you should get out of the relationship before it becomes permanent ( as in marriage) anyways, these are all things I do for my man, not to manipulate him into loving me but just because I love him...and you know what? I get it back 10 fold... as women we are taught to hate men and think that they are all egotistical jerks, but the truth is that men want to be good men... boyfriends, husbands, fathers...they want to be the very best at whatever it is they are. When we as women are good to them we open up possibilities for them to be wonderful to us... If you don't believe me there are countless books on the subject I would suggest MEN ARE FROM MARS WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS and YOUR MAN IS WONDERFUL!!! TO CHAOSCAMPBELL: Thankyou for being blunt.... women may fight it but I think you are right on. Nothing better than an honest man. :)
I absolutely love your comments! Today's women are mislead into thinking that doing things for your man is sexist. Reality is, men have liked to see their wives breasts, rear ends and legs since the beginning of time. MEN ARE VISUAL! You should want to show your goods off to your man anyway! Personally, I really like staring at my husband naked....why wouldn't he feel the same about me? I love doing things for my husband. It makes him feel special and appreciated when I make his lunch for work, prepare his dinner plate, give him special favors (apparantly no other woman actually WANTED to do this for him....poor guy). He feels like a king when I wash and fold his laundry, set out his clothes for the next day, give him a back get the idea. I don't ASK for anything in return. Yet, he treats me better than anyone has ever treated me in my whole entire life. He actually MAKES me leave the kids behind when I go to the store so I can have some time for myself. Just today, he cleaned the house while I was out. He sets out my pjs when I hop in the shower and makes sure I have a clean towel. He gives me back rubs, foot rubs, turns on movies I like when he goes for walks. He writes me love letters, just because he feels like it. The point is, love is ALWAYS about giving. No matter who it is, no matter what the situation. If your man requests potato soup for dinner but instead decide you want to have take out from the chinese joint up the road....he might be okay with it because he loves you. However, it is most likely that you will have shown him that you don't care about his feelings. Every man wants to feel like a hero! What the heck is wrong with asking him to kill a spider or open a jar. If it makes him feel like he's your knight in shining armor...what's the problem? Don't you want to feel like his queen? We all want to feel why not go out of your way to make him feel special and TRUST that he will do the same for you? I absolutely LOVED this article. I am a freelance writer and am doing an article on this topic. I am sure that I will highlight some of these ideas. Granted, once again can't MAKE someone fall in love with you....but that's what the title I was given, such is life. Keep writing blunt and honest articles my friend. Don't bother responding to women that argue with you. They have most likely been severely hurt or watched someone else get hurt by a bad guy who totally took advantage of their niceness. Our insecurities can be very easily seen by what triggers a negative emotional response. (I do theraputic parenting too) Give men an opportunity to be the right guy, give him someone to trust, give him someone who puts his needs before their own, and any GOOD and RESPECTABLE man will do the same for you. For more information on how to avoid men that aren't good and respectable....research domestic violence cycles. All forms of treating a woman badly is abuse. I didn't see anything in here that pointed to possible abuse...cept maybe the shut up part....of course, I feel that way sometimes with my kids when they ask the same question a hundred times expecting to get a different I can definitely see where that came from. :)
I agree with luckyladymonroe.  If you love someone you give, you should not be so concerned about what you get in return.  I guess it helps that I am a giver anyways.  What is wrong with giving your man oral sex and not expecting anything in return?  I do this especially if I am on my period. He was pretty much stunned when I first did this.  I guess not many women do this.   If I get up to go to the kitchen whats the big deal if I bring him a beer or a sandwich? lol.  Women are NUTs in this day and age.  If you are with any type of caring man he will return the favor in more ways than one.  If you aren't with a true man that does give back  that's your fault.
startree5 years ago
thanks dude. I can see why you get so many angry replies, but i totally get what you were doing and thought you did it very well. It was quite witty, and really spoke to the idea of how to 'make' someone 'fall in love' - the irony of course being that that sort of 'power over others' is an illusion, and of course the 'in love' state is another illusion, so if a woman is trying to do that she's in a double whammy (just as a guy is when he's trying make a woman fall in love with him - there's a whole nother ible!).
And then there's the reality that a lot of these things do work to get a guys attention - and believe me you don't have to do all of them either, most guys are so not used to being treated like a man by any women (starting with their mothers!) that just doing one or two of them warms their cockles enough to open their hearts and minds...
Of course when a man does love a woman, we know he'll take a whole lot less than all of this just to be in her company - but that's a whole new question of whether that's love or codependency!
Anyway, thanks for a thought provoking ible.
lil angel5 years ago
wow if women couldn't figure this out on there own then man we lost our touch and for those who criticise this article, please stop and think its just a tip...i'm young and i even know they are just giving you tips...and it even says it might not be PG-13 and be a bit volgur!!!! so you know that then dont read it if it would offend why dont you just take the tip and keep it in mind and use it if you want to otherwise....go searchmore websites,  because you have no life and no skills on dating because you have to use the internet for help on love tips...
catgrrl7 years ago
I wouldn't call this love so much as "a situation involving a lot of ego-stroking and convenience". Maybe you could retitle this: "How to Be Used by a Guy, Until You're Getting Saggy and He Upgrades". I just don't think this is love, and I found your article title misleading. I think the guy in this situation isn't in love. He has someone following him around offering him b.j.s, making him lunch, and keeping out of his way when he's busy or grumpy. He's smart enough to keep her around for awhile. It could be called "infatuation", it's just a guy using a dumb, insecure girl to fill his needs. I'm a woman. If I wanted a relationship like this, I could be getting paid big bucks for it (read: prostitution).
To have a meaningful relationship you have to be a giver and not a taker.  Wow, I bet you are one of those demanding, high-strung girls that gives us women a bad name.  Jillian has it right - make any PERSON (man or woman) feel important and special that person will naturally like you more.  The article only gave instances on a way to a man's heart.  It didn't say be a door mat!  Little things go a long way in a lasting relationship and that includes saying please and thank you.
chaoscampbell (author)  catgrrl7 years ago
What is it about this that people can't wrap there minds around? If you wanted a one hundred percent accurate and truthful article try searching "I'm an idiot for thinking you can MAKE anyone fall in love" you can't make anyone fall in love.... its not in your power. These as I have had to repeat over and over and over again now because people choose to comment before they read everything is that these are things you could do to make a guy.... "A little happier" ..... no guy is gonna love or stay with any chick if this article is all she has to offer. There just things guys tend to like.
Perhaps you should accept the fact that you have a misleading title.
I read everything. I read your entire article and all of your comments. It was like watching a car accident- I couldn't seem to tear myself away.
I'm well aware you can't make a man fall in love with you. I'm a married adult. Furthermore, I didn't search this article, I saw it as a "related" article at the bottom of the page. I was hoping to find some sweet things I could do for my husband to show some appreciation. Instead, I read an article that comes off as crude, immature, and outdated to me. I am assuming that isn't your intention, and that you are trying to be helpful. I'm not against having respect and giving favors/being thoughtful, but I do expect it to be mutual! Seriously!

I think my comments, and many of the others, are written trying to help *you* out. You don't have to take any of the advice, but it wouldn't hurt you to really consider some of the criticism instead of being so rude.

Your girlfriends and ex-girlfriends are not oblivious to the fact that you would like someone to give you bjs and soothe your fragile ego day in and day out.
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