Step 2: The Hook

Before you can even consider "Love" you gotta get him in a relationship. This can be accomplished in what I will call 2 ways, Traditional or New School.

Traditional: This is just how it sounds, get him to ask you out. Walk by him with a cute smile, flip your hair, bat your eyes, flirt and all that good stuff, get him to notice you.

after you get him to notice you, you gotta get him thinking about you when your not around. This is more of a "chemistry" thing but I'm going to suggest a few ways to help it out here.

1. Wear perfume (don't over do it ladies, couple shots will do), something nice, fruity. We may not admit it but we notice your smell... now after you have flirted with him, give a quick shot of your perfume on something of his... his locker door, his backpack.... something he won't notice right away but will come back to later on. (I once had a girl spray my car door handle, the perfume smell got on my hand...later in the car I smelled it and my thoughts went immediately to her... she told me about after we had been together about 6 months)

2. PG-13 WARNING... Guys have a little thing called Testosterone, and we have very little control over it. you want a guy to think about you about 30 times that day, all you gotta do is switch on the testosterone button. I'm gonna call this "Showing some leg"... do something "unintentionally sexy". drop something and pick it up in such a way that the waist band of your thong makes a quick appearance. reach a little extra further for something, just enough for a quick cleavage view. don't make it obvious.... it doesn't need to be....he'll notice.

New School: Ask him out. I have never seen a girl within plus 1 of his league get turned down. as long as he's available (and often even if he's not) and not pining for someone else he'll give it a go
<p>I know you've probably heard it 100 times before but just be yourself. You will be better off in the short term and long term this way. If he doesn't love the real you then he's not worth your time anyway!</p><p><br>Having said that, there's nothing wrong with trying to impress a guy. We all want to look and feel our best. If you want to become the most attractive version of yourself I highly recommend a guide called 'Be Irresistible' by James Bauer. You also learn the things men secretly want, not the things we're usually told. Here's a link to the guide:<br><strong><a href="http://truthsaboutmen.info/" rel="nofollow">What Men Secretly Want - Video Presentation</a></strong></p><p><br>It really is a fascinating read. I hope this helps!</p>
<p>Some good tips.</p><p><br>Always stay true to yourself.</p>
<p>Some good tips.</p><p><br>Always stay true to yourself.</p>
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<p>There's some fairly decent tips here, so thank you, but it's hard to find this credible when the author lacks basic spelling skills. Be yourself and the right man will like you as you are. Don't fake it and do things out of character - how long do you think you'll be able to hold that up?</p>