Step 4: A Man's Heart: Entry Points

Picture of A Man's Heart: Entry Points
Guys are most often (in the begining of a relationship) Gentelman on the outside, Primaly charged pigs on the inside. For this reason I suggest you wait a good Month (I personally think 6 months to a year, but I will get challanged on this) into a relationship before you even concider the "L" word. Otherwise you run the risk of hearing him say it just to get your pants off (although even after 6 months this is a real possability, I know I've said it for just that reason in the past). For the pourposes of this tutorial I am going to propose a few things that might help get the "chemistry" flowing so that when you get to the point when you want to say "I Love you" and excpect to hear it back, you will.

1. Even the most "sensitive" guy needs to feel like a man at least once in a while. give him a jar to open, or a minor repair job that you "Can't" do. make him feel like you need him to survive. true or not it makes a dude feel needed, even powerful.

2. Its not something that you need to do everyday.... but I feel weak in the knees (if I wasn't already lying on the couch) when my girlfriend walks over to me and hands me a grilled cheese sandwich and a beer, for no reason other then she wanted to... the stomach is definatly a man heart entry point.

3. Do not ever reference Dr. Phil, Oprah or any Magazine in regards to something in your relationship. I swear to god, thats grounds for me to marry a chick just so I can cheat on her and divorce her (sorry, hit a nerve there)

4. He is Numero Uno, it dosen't matter if he seems to be joking, or even if he started it.... never mention anything to him that another man does better then him, ANYTHING.... I'm talking from sexually to driving a car to clothing. Men are competative.... Your boyfriend is the best at everything... even if he's not. (saying that he is good at something when he is not can be just as damaging, when in doubt don't say anything)

5. Leave him alone, if you have to ask more then twice "whats wrong hunny" and you get "nothing, I'm fine" as the answer both times.... it pretty much means, "I'm chillin' by myself and I'm lovin' it. go away. sometimes a guy just wants to watch TV solo and not talk to you... it dosen't mean he's mad, it dosen't mean he dosen't like you....it simply means "shut the hell up and let me be for a few".

bardd.awdur9 months ago

i've dropped things. men do not notice. i've shown a little leg, a little cleavage, men do not notice. any other ideas?

mommyof14 years ago
So other than perfume what are other ways to get him to think about you with out actually being obvious??
Draw a little Doodle on Something He sees everyday.. Nothing all romantic just something that will make him smile..
chicopluma4 years ago
im a man that get in here just for curiosity, but i think this tips can be very usefull for a girl. And to the ones that don`t understand the last point of step 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiVCD9QMAMI
its from a comedian, but i can tell you that what he says of the men is totally true, specially the nothing box.
chica3055 years ago
I'm a girl and I hate it when the guy asks me if there's anything wrong if I stop talking for a bit. I also like my alone time and privacy! I'm not going to share my secrets with you right away so just fuhget about it!
and-reas5 years ago
So true about the leave me alone moment :D I hate it when girls do that...
Isn't there really anything that bothers you?
Well now you mention it.. you are annoying me with your stupid question!