A drill binder is simple to make, customizable, and will protect your drill from weather and wind while providing easy access to it from the field. This will work for any instrument where it can be on the shoulder like a purse so Sousaphone and drumline might need other ways of wearing it. Many bands require them but you can do this with all your school books too if you want :)

all you need is...
 - A regular binder any size but 1 inch is probably best
 - A 52 or 54 inch shoelace, the size found on converse high tops, round or flat will work but I prefer flat
 - Your drill
 - A 3 hole punch. A heavy duty one is recommended so you can punch more at once
 - *optional* stickers, sharpies, fabric paint ect.

Step 1: Punch your drill

Go ahead and punch holes in your drill ,if your director didn't do that for you, and then put it in your binder.

Quick tip- if you wear your binder with the front (sticker side on mine) facing out then you might want to make the holes in the bottom of the page or the director's point of view. This way when you open it while wearing it you can read it more easily especially if this is your first time reading a drill chart.
also this is my first 'ible so feedback would be great

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