Picture of How to make the simplest  match bomb
In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a match bomb.
you will need:

-masking tape
-someting that cuts paper
 thats it

Step 1:

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open the box and cut out the striker.dont cut yourself! (this hurts)
namanji11 months ago

it does not work

electronicz3 years ago
Can a fuse be used or will all the pressure escape through the fuse hole?? 5 * instructable
50-50 (author)  electronicz3 years ago
A sparkiler works as a fuse, you have to rap it very well.
I have no fuse to try but it may work.
I made one of these except it had a fuse and it just shot gases out the fuse hole. So then I made another one with a longer fuse and dropped it into a plastic container and screwed the lid on and it blew up. I have pictures of the bottle that I could post if you want me to.
50-50 (author)  electronicz3 years ago
it is so much easer with something like a fuse.but I find it fun not knowing if it will go off or not.and then it gose off when you lease expect it.

any pictures would be great,I can post them into the ible if you like
Here are the pictures.
Pictures81412 111.jpgPictures81412 112.jpgPictures81412 115.jpgPictures81412 113.jpg
Ok, thanks. I am going to try to make one of these with a fuse.
DRH14693 years ago
Just a tip for a more explosive exciting match box bomb;

get two boxes of matchs and cram as many as you can into the one box then wrap it in tin foil

Well doen