Picture of How to make a matching bra set from an old bra.
How can matching underwear be so expensive, and then why is most of it so hideously unflattering anyway? I bought a white bra years ago that fit perfectly...before long it was a grey bra that fit perfectly, and besides I never had a matching set for it. Here is the finished product and the tutorial on how I did it.
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Step 1: To make the bra...

Picture of To make the bra...
Step 1: Find an old bra and choose your fabric.

I chose to use stretchy fabric in a similar colour so it would match the straps. Use stretchy or jersey fabric so that it will mould round the shape of the bra.
Here I've already done one side, stage right is still to be covered.

Step 2:

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Step 2: Cut your fabric.

Just rough cut to the right sort of size at first.

Step 3:

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Step 3: Start to pin.

Pin the fabric on around the edges of the bra. If your fabric has a pattern like mine, try to line the second side up with the first.

Step 4:

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Step 4: Trim to fit.

Leave about 2cm extra for folding round

Step 5:

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Step 5: Fold and pin.

Fold the excess fabric back on itself, and then fold it over the edge of the bra. For the parts of the bra where you can't fold the fabric over, the band/straps etc, try to just pin these parts in place. The next step will be to spend a LOT of time and small stitches sewing this into place. Use lots of pins as this part is really tricky.

Step 6:

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Step 6: Hand stitch into place.

Ok so this bit takes ages, like hours. At first it'll be fun to do while your watching the tv, by the end you'll be having nightmares about tiny little stitches coming to get you. However, if you keep at it it'll look really good when you've finished. As you can see in this photo, the stitches at the band are pretty much invisible.
TekoMuto3 years ago
imma make some for my girlfriend :3
Very cute! Great reuse. :)
thriftylittle (author) 3 years ago
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