So I got an old hand me down knife from a friend, and decided it needed some TLC. It's an old stainless steel blade and was a real pain to sharpen, but it all turned out pretty well. Most of the tools I used are not expensive, but it does take some skill and experience with power and hand tools. Remember to use proper safety equipment and precautions. Anyways, here's how I did it.

Step 1: Clean Up

I took off the old stamped steel handle, and buffed off all the rust on the belt sander. You could also use some regular 80 or 120 grit sand paper.
<p>I love your idea of making the sheath from the same wood as the knife handle. I have made two based on this design (reusing the two blades from broken scissors). Here is one that I just used for my second instructable. Thanks for the great pics.</p>
That's great! So glad it was helpful! I love the shapes!
<p>Wood can be unforgiving as a sheath material, but I think I've heard of people using an appropriately sized forstner bit to allow gluing a thin rare earth magnet to help keep the blade in place.</p>
That's a good idea. I cut the opening of the sheath to fit the handle tightly enough to hold it in place. After several years, I still can't flip it upside down and shake the knife free.
Nice job! Makes me want to do another, it's been a while.
I really like the matching wooden sheath idea !
I really like the matching wooden sheath idea !
Would like to see it once the sanding and staining is done.
AWESOME! Thanks!!! <br>
Bravo! Great work

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