Picture of How to make a matching knife handle and sheath
So I got an old hand me down knife from a friend, and decided it needed some TLC. It's an old stainless steel blade and was a real pain to sharpen, but it all turned out pretty well. Most of the tools I used are not expensive, but it does take some skill and experience with power and hand tools. Remember to use proper safety equipment and precautions. Anyways, here's how I did it.
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Step 1: Clean up

Picture of Clean up
I took off the old stamped steel handle, and buffed off all the rust on the belt sander. You could also use some regular 80 or 120 grit sand paper.

Step 2: Get out your tools

Picture of Get out your tools
Here is the wood I used, a piece of spalted maple about 2"x3"x10" left over from a bowl turning blank. Above that is my knife sharpener and a few other tools I used to remove the old handle and clean up the blade, including honing oil.

Step 3: Cut the scales

Picture of Cut the scales
I have clamped my block of wood to the table and have ripped it into 4 scales, about 5/16" to 1/4" thick. The thicker ones are for the sheath, the thinner for the handle. I cut most of the way with a circular saw, and then finished with the jig saw in the picture.

Step 4: Draw it out

Picture of Draw it out
Next I traced the tang (the part of the blade that goes down in to the handle) onto one of the narrower scales.

Step 5: Draw the new handle shape

Picture of Draw the new handle shape
And now I've drawn the basic handle shape that I want to go around the tang. 

Step 6: Cut it out

Picture of Cut it out
I cut the rough shape with a jig saw, and then shaped the finger grooves with a little drum sanding bit in my trigger locking drill, which I have clamped in the vice on the table so I can use both hands to move the wood. If you try this, don't crush your drill.

Step 7: Duplicate

Picture of Duplicate
Next I traced the handle shape on the other half...
bigdaddy998 months ago

Wood can be unforgiving as a sheath material, but I think I've heard of people using an appropriately sized forstner bit to allow gluing a thin rare earth magnet to help keep the blade in place.

l8nite2 years ago
I really like the matching wooden sheath idea !
l8nite2 years ago
I really like the matching wooden sheath idea !
Would like to see it once the sanding and staining is done.
Gregbot2 years ago
AWESOME! Thanks!!!
ilpug2 years ago
Bravo! Great work