Introduction: How to Make a Melting Popsicle With Two Play-Doh Colors

If you are tired with generic plain color or rainbow color popsicle, why not try this melting popsicle? It only requires the Play-Doh popsicle mould plus any two Play Doh colors you like. It's simple, fun and look different.

Step 1: Rolling

Step 2: Make Two Melting Drops

Step 3: Cut a Wavy Shape, Place It Into the Mould

Step 4: Place Two Drops In

Step 5: Add the White Play Doh, Place in the Popsicle Stick

Step 6: Add the White Play Doh on the Other Side

Step 7: Sandwich It, Press Tight

Step 8: Clean Up the Mess, Done.

Step 9: For the Full Details, Please Watch This Video

Step 10:


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