Step 2: Step 2: Saving the file

When you're done, save it as a VBS(or VBScript)file. To do this, type ".vbs" at the end of the title and change the "Text Document (*txt)" in the "Save as type" select box to "All Files" .

Example: File name: Fake_Virus.vbs
Save as type: All Files
<p>i did it it worked!</p>
<p>what do i save it as?</p>
<p>Save it as .vbs</p>
<p>Doesn't work ;'(</p>
<p>you have to save it as either .bat or .vbs, im not sure but from the looks of it i'd say .vbs</p>
<p>This is going to be usefull. &gt;:D</p>
i made one where you click on it and your computer starts being mean and tells you to take the disc out
its here
answer=MsgBox(&quot;Hi, this is your computer.&quot;,0,&quot;HI&quot;)<br/>answer=MsgBox(&quot;I'm tired of you jamming discs into me.&quot;,0,&quot;HI&quot;)<br/>answer=MsgBox(&quot;Can you please take the disc out, like NOW???&quot;,0,&quot;HI&quot;)<br/>Set oWMP = CreateObject(&quot;WMPlayer.OCX.7&quot; ) <br/>Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection <br/><br/>if colCDROMs.Count &gt;= 1 then <br/>For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1 <br/>colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject <br/>Next ' cdrom <br/>End If <br/>
<p>I used the ejecting code to make a cool EJECT DISC button on my desktop!</p>
<p>HAHAA!!!!! Windows Defender thought this was a medium threat!!</p>
Great it works
it no work!!!
<p>Hi! About a year ago I was looking at this... well it didn't <br>work when <em>I </em><em>tried it but I was quickly able <br>to discern a proper message box from what you had.</em></p><p><em>Here is what I did, no error message:</em></p><p><em>x=msgbox (&ldquo;whatever you want message box to say here&rdquo; ,0, &rdquo;title here&rdquo;) <br>&gt; &ldquo;msgbox.vbs&rdquo;</em></p>
<p>Microsoft VBScript compilation error:</p><p>Line: 1<br>Char: 11<br>Error: Invalid character<br>Code: 800A0408</p>
Hey,<br><br>Is it possible to attach the message file to a program?<br><br>For example: when opening a program, the message that you created will pop-up and when you click ok it continues and runs the program...
<p>I, m sorry, did'nt get the point. This is what I saved as what was thought: </p><p>x=msgbox(box &quot;mailbox&quot;,0,&quot;veldfiets&quot;), saved as .vbs, all type of files, in Documents.</p><p>Nothing happens on opening the .vbs file: not able to open etc. etc. </p><p>What is the clue here? </p>
<p>Well, first there is an unknown tag: &quot;bat&quot; located in the parenthesis. If it is working properly, then this should at least pop up as an error, so I don't know why it is not working at all. This only runs on Windows (this could be it)</p>
<p>you have to save it as &quot;.bat&quot; that's why it did not work.</p>
<p>Wrong saving it as .bat is used in batch programming. Codes in batch is like @echo off </p><p>color 0a </p><p>title hello world </p><p>:start </p><p>echo Hello World </p><p>pause</p><p>vbscript would not run in batch so something is wrong with your method. Make sure your syntax is wright and save as whatyouwant.vbs but don't forget *.vbs. :)</p>
<p>x=msgbox(box &quot;mailbox&quot;,0,&quot;veldfiets&quot;) is the wrong code. Try </p><p>x=msgbox(&quot;mailbox&quot;,0,&quot;veldfiets&quot;)</p><p>Ok?</p>
<p>whops. never mind. i had wrong</p>
Hi could you please answer theese questions for me,<br>1. how do i make something happen when i click one of the buttons <br>2. how do i make the message box automatticaly open when i log on<br><br>thnaks could you please reply to this comment at millsasbc@gmail.com<br>thanks
<p>Well I know how to make it run when you log on to windows.</p><p>Here's how:</p><p>Open Start Menu &gt;&gt; Drag application to startup folder &gt;&gt; Enjoy!</p>
<p>This is so cool, thanks for the instructable.<br>Could you make one for windows 8.1?</p>
<p>It is the same thing. Any computer that has Windows XP or higher will be able to make it.</p>
<p>Thank you very much.</p>
<p>How can i create a never endind dailog box and it will display when computer start </p>
<p>mines not a virus, its for making people welcome.</p>
NICEEE!!! i did it wiz my sis, she tought there was a virus!!!!!!! she started to cry ( btw i knew how to make this cz i am a pc n internet engeneer) if any help needed , add me at : samer_genius@hotmail.com
<p>oh if u wana message me, here my email meowkitty.periodaa@gmail.com</p>
<p>great job, do you think you could show how to do it on windows 8.1?</p>
<p>The same EXACT way.</p>
<p>I, m sorry, did'nt get the point. This is what I saved as what was thought: </p><p>x=msgbox(box &quot;mailbox&quot;,0,&quot;veldfiets&quot;), saved as .vbs, all type of files, in Documents.</p><p>Nothing happens on opening the .vbs file: not able to open etc. etc. </p><p>What is the clue here? </p>
<p>There should be spaces between the quotation marks and the commas and there shouldn't be the word &quot;box&quot; inside the parentheses.</p>
<p>works right out the gate on win 7, 8 , 8.1 i have this process automated on certain computer within my company to remind users of daily task</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>how do you make it that it responds so if you put button #2 and they click retry how do you make it that it will make a new message or use the same</p>
<p>Hi there.... i wanna ask, how could I change the dialog box's icon on the taskbar? So it's more fun if i can do that.</p>
i have made one but it doesn't work it is in dutch so you may not understand it. <br>here it is: <br>x=msgbox (&quot;klik op yes&quot;, 4,&quot;wees verstandig&quot;) <br>if x=6 then <br> msgbox &quot;goed zo&quot;, 0,&quot;:)&quot; <br> msgbox &quot;kijk jij bent slim&quot; <br> want er zijn ook mensen die op nee klikken en die krijgen nog een lang verhaal hierachter aan.&quot;, 0,&quot;druk op ok&quot; <br>elseif x=7 then <br> msgbox &quot;waarom klik je toch op no?&quot;, 0,&quot;&gt;|&quot; <br> msgbox &quot;ik zei dat je op yes moest klikken en toch doe je het niet.&quot; <br> msgbox &quot;ik ga je de vraag nog eens stellen. (het is geen vraag maar toch. jij klikt op no :p)&quot;, 0,&quot;klik op ok&quot; <br> msgbox &quot;klik op yes&quot;, 4,&quot;wees verstandig&quot; <br>if x=6 then <br> msgbox &quot;goed zo&quot;, 0,&quot;:)&quot; <br> msgbox &quot;nee grapje. dat zou te gemakkelijk zijn&quot;, 0,&quot;lol&quot; <br> msg* suc6 ermee <br> goto 12345 <br>elsif x=7 then <br> msgbox &quot;serieus doe je het alweer.&quot;, 0,&quot;jij zit in de problemen.&quot; <br> msgbox &quot;klik maar op ok dan ben je er vanaf.&quot;, 0,&quot;doei&quot; <br>end if <br> <br>type it (or just copy it) in your notepad and please fix the problems. but only if you want to <br>you can mail me @ <br>nando.kools@live.nl
I can't download. Help?

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