Why pay tons of money for a professional microphone when you can make a microphone yourself? Granted this microphone will not give you a crystal clear sound, but you will get that cool retro low-fi sound.

Step 1: Materials Required

 1. Can of your favorite soup. 
2. 1/4" phono jack
3. Piezo element
4. Styrofoam
5. Wire
6. Solder
7. Duct Tape

Tools Required:
1. Drill
2. 3/8" drill bit
3. 1/8" drill bit
4. Soldering Iron
5. Can Opener

<p>it doesn't actually explain how to eat the soup. i made it according to the directions on the can and just sort of sat there staring blankly into it. couldnt figure out how to eat a liquid. help i need to eat the soup before i can microphone</p>
I'm wondering how you &quot;hold&quot; this mic while recording? Does having it in some kind of mic holder (obviously that you'd have to special make for a soup can ;D) &quot;dampen&quot; the vibrations of the can too much so that it effects the sound? Or do you generally just speak into it just like soup can telephones? I guess I'm thinking of how if you have your hand on a bell, it kills the sound of the bell. I think the piezo is sensitive enough for that not to be a problem, but I'm just wondering.
Instead of making it with the Styrofoam on the outside of the can, why not tape the piezo on the foam inside the can and put the jack in the bottom of the can. Benefits: 1) reduced size, 2) reduced can vibrations messing with the signal, 3) can functions as a wave guide better.<br /> Possible alterations: Add a cone to it<br />

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