Ill show you how to make a minecraft rocket!
Video don't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This video does not exist.
Video don't exist
this video does not exist.
video doesnt exist <br>
this isnt a &quot;rocket&quot;, its a player launcher, and a pretty bad version too. <br>but, it works... and it gave me a idea on how to make it better(so you survive)
what would happen if you did it without water and is there any other way to do this in survival and live?
Nice, but is there any way to do this that doesn't result in the player ending up dead?
Diamond Armor ... better save up!
Try in creative mode
reddit <br>
Damn creepers coming after me. hehehe... o well i have my trusty rocket to get me out of here.... BOOOOM...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
try making a portal to and from the nethers/ underworld or make walls of tnt or make a prison around yourself and digging down underground if you like your realm.

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